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CONNECTED CROSSWALKS FOR THE BLIND IN MIDTOWN TULSA, OKBy Terence Morris, Founder, PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION. August 19, 2018 11:32 AM. Join PACE TULSA NOW…TEXT: PACEPAC TO: 22828 OR Register | Lost your password?.


In regards to continuing access, the ATS project on 31st and Harvard, Ranch Acres, in Midtown Tulsa, OK, has made substantial improvements because of technology modernization funding available from Tulsa City-County Street & Road Tax initiatives including 

“I fell in a pot-hole on 27th & Harvard. I wish Tulsa could do more to help the blind and homeless people .”

I met Elizabeth on Friday, January 20, 2017 at around 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Elizabeth is a visually impaired blind woman who has two lifetime challenges.

  • The first challenge is that she is blind.
  • The second, Elizabeth is homeless.

Although, Elizabeth faces these challenges everyday she overcomes by remaining optimistic about the future of the Ranch Acres, Midtown Tulsa, OK, community where she lives.

For years the Ranch Acres Community has been a bustling centre of off-beat mom and pop shops. Services like antique & shoe polishing, nail salons, recreation gyms, kitchen & home decor, insurance, vision, dental, political & social activists and medical offices, farm to table grocers and dry cleaners. This “unique gem” Ranch Acres, Midtown Tulsa, is an “ivory mix” of international conservative modernists whose spiritual and moral traditions have created a comfortable haven for middle to upper class residents in Midtown Tulsa.  However, there is a small class of disabled Tulsan’s that enjoy this part of town as well.  

“Making MIDTOWN TULSA walkable for Blind and Other disabled people means; healthier lifestyles; a greater share of revenue; and convenient access to services available along the Harvard Bus Route in this part of our city.”-Terence Morris, PACE TULSA. 8/19/2018

“Elizabeth safely crosses 31st & Harvard.”

In the middle of preparing photography and video footage for this news article, Elizabeth, came over to me in a pedestrian crosswalk that was “not yet in service.” Elizabeth asked me to help. I said” “Sure, I’ll give you a hand.” Then I guided her through the pedestrian crosswalk. Elizabeth thanked me for helping her cross safely. And then we parted ways.

During “Our Cross,” Elizabeth, said” I am really concerned for my safety on the streets. I fell in a ‘pot-hole’ and hurt myself really bad. I wish the City of Tulsa would do more Hawk crosswalk ATS improvements.” I told Elizabeth that, “All this street road work is to make pedestrian crosswalks safer.” I also told Elizabeth that I am the founder of PACE TULSA AGS A think- tank that addresses things like crosswalks and pedestrian awareness education.

“Only rewarded for Volunteering with her wide-smile.”

Elizabeth’s’ wide-smile was the only reward I needed to substantiate MERIT given for “Humanitarian Acts of Kindness.”
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