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Self-Driving Uber Just the Beginning in Autonomous Innovation.  By Terence Morris, author, PACE TULSA AGS. 11.29 a.m.  feed-icon-28x28

Part of the PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION PANEL PRESENTATION INCLUDES THE DISCUSSION ON THE FUTURE OF Autonomous Asynchronous Vehicles and the Cybernetic Virtual Dynamic Learning System that we employ throughout our MOODLE LMS.


This system cannot be modeled by a discrete time system. It requires the description of asynchronously operating interacting components (vehicle models and controller models). By abstracting the space of possible velocities to a finite set of possible velocities this system can be described by interacting input/output automata, with different hierarchical layers. At the top level there is the model describing the location of the vehicles in the work space, and the availability of radio communication at different locations. At the lower layer there are all the actions taken by the vehicles and by their local controllers. This is exactly the type of problem that can be modeled by the recently developed theory of world automata (Capiluppi and Segala, 2011). A set of local control laws and rules that can avoid collisions even in case the vehicles cannot communicate with their neighbors, using world automata with 2 hierarchical layers. [1] Even in times when the autonomous vehicles are not communicating with other vehicles they can communicate within other virtual and machine dynamics.

[1] M. Capiluppi, R. Segala, Hybrid automata with worlds: A compositional approach to modeling objects that move in a complex environment, University of Verona (2011). Technical report, URL:


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