NATIONAL FUNDRAING.  by Terence Morris, Founder, PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION.  January 11, 2018. 12:02A.M. feed-icon-28x28


My interest in Pedestrian Crossings and Public Safety Education is a result of my involvement in a vehicle injury in early 2013.  I was waiting on a crosswalk signal to turn white.  As I started through the intersection a man in a red pickup truck rolled through a red light. Suddenly, he revs up his engine and slams into me.  Then I’m jumping from underneath his bumper chasing him because he attempted to drive off.

After the accident… I received $1300.00 cash and $2700.00 in medical payouts. This amount is not enough to compensate me for missing work. This amount unfortunately does not cover all my medical bills. Nor does this amount cover the permanent reoccurring trauma and chronic back pain, I suffer and live with everyday.

In order to secure this vision for ALL OF US we have to actively campaign to organize to raise money for funding. The $50,000.00 would be spent to fully manage and create the elements of the Pedestrian Safety Campaign Planner.


“What is Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education”?  
·       Children’s Safety Clubs
·       Reduce and Enforce Speed Limits
·       Elementary-Age Child Pedestrian Training
·       Conspicuity Enhancement
·       Child School Bus Training
·       Targeted Enforcements
·       Safe Routes to School
·       Driver Safety Training
·       Impaired Pedestrians Outreach
·       Pedestrian Gap Acceptance Training
·       “Sweeper” Patrols of Impaired Pedestrians
·       7 University Educational Campaign




Picture2The Local News Agencies and Local Business are all starting to GET Involved in Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education.  They want to get involved because of the increases in accidents and fatalities in Pedestrian Intersections in Tulsa, OK and throughout the United States.

The $50,000.00 would be spent to fully manage and create the elements of the Pedestrian Safety Campaign Planner.


Medium & Content

(1) Pedestrian Safety Campaign Step-by Step Guide [this document]
Approximately 100 pages, including images of the print PSAs, posters and cinema slides
(1) Beta video (broadcast quality – for TV stations)
(4) TV PSAs
(1) Pocket folder
(1) sample press release
(1) set of guidelines
(2) brochures
(5) Posters

Based upon print PSAs
(2) 24″ x 36″
(3) 11″ x 17″
(1) Audio CD
(6) 30-second radio PSAs
(2) Data CDs


Many TuPractice Mind on Drivinglsa Community Organizations including: PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION, the State of Oklahoma, the Federal Highway Administration and The Tulsa County Public Safety Office are offering education seminars on Pedestrian Crosswalk Awareness.



PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION, has established National Campaign Hooks to disseminate the knowledge we have gained from our listeners all across America.  Now, we will put together interesting seminars and information presentations for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

·       Everyone is a Pedestrian
·       Pedestrian-Safety-Starts-With-Me
·       Make Sure Drivers Can See You
·       Crosswalk Zone
·       Stop and Think…Before You Cross
·       Public Policy Bunker
·       Listen Before You Cross
·       Get On BOARD
·       Practice Mind on Driving

The $50,000.00 would be spent to fully manage and create the elements of the Pedestrian Safety Campaign Planner for Promotional Materials include the following:


Data CD2
(4) TV PSAs as a QuickTime/RealPlayer file
(6) Press releases
(15) Newspaper articles with artwork

Office Space and Furniture
Office Supplies and Equipment
Parcel & Cargo Deliveries

Electronic files including:
Data CD1
(15) print ads in a variety of sizes
(5) posters
(2) brochures
(8) cinema slides

Images/icons for promotional products/items
FHWA logo (positive and reversed)

Bumper stickers
Doorknob hangers
Key chains
Podium signs
Program buttons
Reflective materials (armbands, stickers, etc.)


Car Dealerships and Automotive Technicians ALL have the PEDESTRIAN SAFETY AWARENESS ‘Spirit of Protection.’  Not only for Driver Occupants for the World in General.  Just this year several automotive companies have aligned with consumer protection and safety organizations to transform Connective Vehicle Systems traditionally thought to plague the Public Safety Awareness community because of the technological amenities provided to car buyers to keep them thinking about everything focused driving. 


The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia saloon has taken “AUTONOMOUS ASYNCHRONOUS TECHNOLOGY AND PEDESTRIAN SAFETY,” to the next level.  This vehicle design hosts Safety Systems which help protect drivers, passengers, people in other vehicles on the road, as well as, pedestrians. Multi-feature active safety packages automated pre-collision warning and braking. These designs also support the driver’s awareness, decision-making and vehicle operation over a wide range of speeds under certain conditions. Within these integrated system, Key features help address areas of accident protection that were at one time were not feasible.  These key features help to: mitigate or prevent frontal collisions; helping to keep drivers within their lane; and enhancing road safety during nighttime driving. Always drive safely, obey traffic speed limits and laws, and focus on the road while driving.  Distracted Driving is becoming the number one reason for fatalities on our nations roads.  To minimize the impact of Distracted Driving in this era of Connected Vehicle Systems and Increasingly complex computer applications & monitoring…the automotive industry has created a standard evaluation checklist for what a 5-Star Pedestrian, Driver and Vehicle Safety Design Looks Like.

  • Side-impact protection
  • Whiplash-minimizing seats
  • Rigid passenger compartments
  • Child occupant category
  • Safety assist
  • Lane-departure warning
  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Pedestrian forward collision warning
  • Electronic stability control
  • Tire-pressure monitoring
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Rear cross-traffic alerts
  • Reversing camera
  • GPS navigation system

To go a bit farther the Automotive Industry this year recognized the Alfa Romeo Giulia as number one in occupant protection!



THE FOUNDATION is an independent organization that is FOR PROFIT, WHOSE MISSION IS TO: “Provide educational support to AGS participants and the intellectual stimulus created of PACE TULSA AGS.  And with your continued support…We can raise the money to fully inspire our 90,000 survey participant listener-ship.

It is our hope that willing ‘Fellow Americans’ will be generous enough to donate, which will serve as a real incentive for people to participate.

I do understand how busy you are, but I would be so grateful if you could just take a minute to Check Out OUR page to equip yourself with all of the information to make a CONTRIBUTING DECISION. If you would just like to contribute RIGHT NOW…


What might seem like a small thing for you would mean a great deal to the people we are aiming to help.


PACE TULSA AGS PARTICIPANTS are involved in the:




Thanks Again for your attention to this very important cause…Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education!  


Join Us in our Fight to Have NO FATALITIES in Pedestrian Crosswalk Intersections by 2020!  –Terence Morris, Founder

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© 2017 | PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION. “Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education is an online think-tank intersecting awareness of public transportation policy in the United States.”

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