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PACE TULSA AGS, Monthly Meeting Minutes. By Terence Morris, Founder, PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION.  May 18, 2017 11:32 AM. Join PACE TULSA NOW…TEXT:  PACEPAC  TO:  22828 OR Register |  Lost your password?.  feed-icon-28x28

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Just to add 2p, I will report what I commented to Terence. The issue with tech roles is that sooner or later we all meet that special project that senior management doesn’t like. Regardless of our powers and ability to influence, we will find a situation in…

April 29, 2017
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2017 PACE TULSA AGS, Monthly Meeting Minutes

2017 Meeting Minutes: 04.28.17.
PACEPAC meeting began promptly at 10:00 pm.
PACEPAC meeting was held in the MEETING Room at Schusterman-Benson.
There was an OPEN Roll Call.

Month in 2017 Meeting Agenda Preview Channel Link
April 28 An Examination Study: 31st & S. Harvard to 41st & S. Yale. images


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