Ooo..LaLa…September HOT TOPICS


Ooo..LaLa…September HOT TOPICS. By Terence Morris, Founder, PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION. September 28, 2017 7:48 PM.  Join PACE TULSA NOW…TEXT: PACEPACTEAMUSA  TO:  22828 OR Register |  Lost your password?.  feed-icon-28x28

First, I would like to clarify to all of my reader’s who Uncle Terence is, emoji smile.  I was on the FB horn last night and one of my sister’s son’s chimed in on a post that I was reading.  His poll was about Lil’ Boosie and another rapper.  So, of course…since it was a poll that one of my own family member’s was asking participation for I responded.  Then he replied OM!  So, you all know me…and then I thought maybe they don’t know much about me.  This one is about understanding and getting to know your loved ones before its’ too late. 

Here is my brief BIO:

Terence Morris, Founder & SEO Specialist at PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION, a native Tulsan, has been an advocate for social change for Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education for nearly 5 years.  It all started when he was actually hit in a protected and marked pedestrian crosswalk.  Since 2013, Terence has been online helping to caudle a Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education, curriculum, for a listener base of over 900,000 participants.  Morris has been employed in a capacity, as advocate for social change, for over 20 or more years before his pedestrian crosswalk accident.  Granted several academic and professional scholarships to college, he has lead meritoriously in current political and social rhetoric.  In 2014, The Oklahoma Department of Labor, guaranteed him training, at Tulsa Community College, through The Manufacturing Standards Skills Council, which is certified by several professional manufacturing boards and agencies.  The purpose of the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council Certified Production Technician (CPT) program in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is to recognize through certification individuals who demonstrate mastery of the core competencies of manufacturing production at the front-line (entry-level through front-line supervisor) through successful completion of the certification assessments. The goal of the CPT certification program is to raise the level of performance of production workers both to assist the individuals in finding higher-wage jobs and to help employers ensure their workforce increases the company’s productivity and competitiveness.    

In an effort to stimulate interest in Public Transportation Policy, especially road and surface construction projects, the Oklahoma Department of Education in 2015 granted Morris a scholarship to attend OSHA 10 Construction Zone and Workplace Safety Training, at the Lemley Campus, of Tulsa Technology Center.  Terence went on to learn FirstAid, CPR, AED, Work-Zone Flagger and Fork-truck operation with over 2 contact hours in each certification. 

Morris, has achieved success outside of community leadership through his participation in volunteer activities and the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless, Volunteers of America, The Mental Health Association and PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION.  He’s also volunteered to canvas during former Mayor Kathy Taylor’s mayoral campaign and served as a peer mentor in several core counseling activities such as Agape Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation; The Oklahoma Driving Under the Influence Group; Oklahoma Gambler’s Anonymous; Care: Drug and Alcohol Accident Victim’s Panel; and forums in Marriage & Divorce Counseling; Discrimination:  Racism, Sexism & Wage Discrimination; and Excessive Online Video-Gaming Disorder’s online virtual webinar’s.   

I apologized to my sister and posted a LatchKey Kid PSA.



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