October Hot Topics


REPOSTS.  October 26, 2017.  Hot Topics.  By Terence Morris, author and founder, PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION.

I initially read Sarah’s analysis of the Morning Star ratings system and was thoroughly impressed.  This is a MUST READ.

  • The Morningstar Mirage

Millions of people trust Morningstar Inc. to help them decide where to put their money.

From pension funds to endowments to financial advisers to individuals, investors rely on Morningstar’s star ratings to help divide $16 trillion among America’s mutual funds, in much the way shoppers use Amazon’s ratings to pick products.

Investors everywhere think a 5-star rating from Morningstar means a mutual fund will be a top performer—it doesn’t. By Kirsten GrindTom McGinty and

The next REPOST is from Luke Graham.
  • How UPS is using tech to make best use of its extra 95,000 holiday workers

The U.S. company’s chief financial officer told CNBC Wednesday that the package delivery firm utilizes tech in real-time to enable “predictive distribution”.

“There are not many businesses in the world that can flex up 100 percent for a four to six-week period,” Richard Perez a member of CNBC’s CFO Council, told Squawk Box.

  • Trump releases some, but not all, JFK assassination records

National Archives directed to release 2,800 records

Law enforcement and foreign affairs agencies asked that some records be redacted

Trump directed agencies that requested redactions to re-review their reasons for keeping the records secret within 180 days


“The opportunities of mercy that abounds us are created within the ‘spirit of benevolence.”



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