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Pipes BlazN’ Cipher: Featuring LOADED LUX, Harlems, NY Westside Phenom. By Terence Morris, Author & Founder, PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION. PACETULSA.COM. 08/18/2018. 5:36 P.M.   Join PACE TULSA NOW…TEXT:  PACEPAC  TO:  22828 OR Register |  Lost your password?.  feed-icon-28x28


Did anyone notice the number of people in the room during the recent Independent Dope LOADED LUX video?

Loaded Lux (real name: John Lucks) is 33 year old American battle rapper from Harlem, New York.

Somehow his cipher ended up in one of our network channels. So, we decided to do a LOADED LUX 2018 preview.

LOADED LUX albums: Beloved 2012 (1), Beloved (2) 2015, Talk Dirty 2017,

The Bad Man’s Back 2007, Get Ya Tapes Ready 2010, Fastest Way To Harlem 2010, Get Ya Tapes Ready part 2: The Crack Era Edition 2012.


Grown Man Hip Hop 2012 • Mixtape • DJ Kay Slay J.U.S.T.I.C.E. for All 2016 • Album • J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, 50 Shades of Slay 2016 • Mixtape • DJ Kay Slay, Cameo King III 2016 • Mixtape • Termanology, The Big Brother 2017 • Album • DJ Kay Slay, Watching Movies With the Sound Off 2013 • Album • Mac Miller, April Showers 2013 • Mixtape • Wyclef Jean, Ghetto Heaven Vol 1 2013 • Mixtape • Cam’ron, The Last Champion 2013 • Mixtape • DJ Kay Slay, Cigar Society 2014 • Mixtape • Papoose

Here’s a trinket from LOADED LUX’S Funkmaster Flex freestyle in 2017.

“I was in the areas, just thought I swing by like a girl that’s curious.  Boys in the hood pops up on ya, that’s furious
Fierce is when you find out your inferiors is inferior.  What’s scary is, you’re bettin’ against the odds.  And you lettin’ these niggas tell you you’re better than what you are.”

No Blow up! In a highly competitive Social Media climate LOADED LUX remains, one of the most photographed and written about celebrity Battle Rappers in the world.  Here’s a look.

LUX’S social media market segment:

TOTAL VIEWS: 16,964,281
AVERAGE VIEWS: 1,211,734

Here’s what LOADED LUX, had to say about his OWN potential in 2013.  

“I expect to be the Floyd Mayweather of the culture by bringing money to the game,” Lux continued. “As Shaq would say, ‘everybody eats.’ If you don’t think big, you’ll stay small. I expect to go down in Battle Rap history as the godfather of the culture. They say styles make fights. If true, then I expect that this will be the biggest and most entertaining battle in history.”

That’s a Loaded Lux interview in October 20, 2013 | 3:15 PM by Andres Tardio.

If we were to compare ARSONAL (Considered the best Battle Rapper) to LOADED LUX…

We see that LOADED LUX has 47 fewer battles, but a competitive average viewer market segment 40% of ARSONAL’S 


AVERAGE VIEWS: 1,154,534

In Corporate America that translates into LOADED LUX, having the ability to create buzz, and then huge demand, for periodic releases of Brand Name Retail Products just the same if not better than THE Best Battle Rappers on the Planet.

The reality, behind these statistics represents refocusing of brand identity to include “Underground Street Celebrities” and a redirecting of a brand’s promotional platforms away from traditional media into digital.

Often corporate strategy involves moving toward drastically reducing investment in traditional advertising like TV ads and increases in it’s digital presence online including social media.


-More inbound traffic
-Improved search engine rankings
-Higher conversion rates
-Better customer satisfaction
-Improved brand loyalty
-More brand authority
-Cost effective

Compared with the average share of traffic sources to the top 25 Apparel sites, a relationship to a Underground Hip-hop Street cultural icon, generates a significantly greater proportion of traffic from organic search and social media, relying less on paid search and display ads.


LOADED LUX’S vision to change the face of battle rap, has always meant bringing numbers to the table that indicate his ability to generate a revenue boost; a spike in on-line traffic; and a secure huge branding win with a huge amounts of press coverage.
LUX’S Rap Battles deliver massive amounts of traffic to a wide range of media outlets. And helps to create ways that mimic the impact of HIS lyrical skillz.
What has LOADED LUX accomplished that some other Battle Rapper’s may not understand?
In order to be deemed one of the best Hip-Hop rappers of “All-Time,” there are certain criteria that have to be considered:
“Other” Industry Artists have to Agree.
“Street Credibility,” has to be verified.
“Fan Feedback” is essential.
These Attributes defined “TopNotch” Rap Lyricists:
  • Raw voice(s) compiled with mystically mesmerizing music
  • Dreamy galactic vibrato beams us into tranquility
  • Accomplishing mastery through artistry of his storytelling
  • Dispassionate-insolent, bold, floating lyrics, rhythmic, metaphorical message
  • Melodically expressive, anthem caliber overtones
  • Emotionally powerful, disparaging poetry, punch verses
  • Shows differences between other rappers
  • Revolutionary, Forced Scheming
  • Prequel to Poetic Street Justice
  • Mesmerizing music, conspicuous lyrics, striking vibes
  • Transformative metaphors that induce awestruck visuals
  • If dystrophic dialectic can’t stop crying while listening to his measures
  • Real, soul-penetrating lyrics, somber vibes
  • A deeply honest paperless manuscript of hardships and hope
  • High-profile samples, hooks, on point verses
  • Exceptional lyrics that make you think
  • Haunting lyrics, memorable chorus, psychotic rapture
  • Spoken verses that have you speechless with ya’ mouth wide-open if repeated
  • Transonic brain teasers (that become you) in lyrically symbolic references
  • Listening that keeps your soul thirsty
  • The way he/she explains their aspirations and inspiration wanting songs, lyricis, and creative originality.

Here is LOADED LUX taking a Glimpse at his success in 2017.  LUX says,

“I just remember certain platforms & circuits that were around then, and then who they were putting into position to say ‘These are the faces of Battle Rap, these are the people who speak for this culture’ and I’m like nah.”   -Loaded Lux, then goes on to explain Why he started Lionz Den in a RapMatic Interview. 09/05/2017

For More about LOADED LUX…

#greyhoodieseason #talkdirty

Available at: http://Iamloadedlux.com

All booking, features Loadedluxinfo@gmail.com @IamLoadedLux


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