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Broken Harts

RANCH ACRES A TULSA OK NEIGHBORHOOD: PUT ITS’ VALUE INTO MY RANDOM.  By Terence Morris. 08/30/2018. 11:39 A.M.  Join PACE TULSA NOW…TEXT:  PACEPAC  TO:  22828 OR Register |  Lost your password?.  feed-icon-28x28

automated crosswalks“Information, knowledge, and culture are central to human freedom and human development.” -Yochai Benkler, “A Wealth of Nations.”

Speaking “think-learn” environments are extremely complicated to understand without volunteer participants listening and responding.

The Demonym eth, Ranch Acres, residents come to know this fnord film noir surrealist Egalitarian Virtualist culture, where “think-learn,” is common place, in a sometimes off-beat suburban treasure: 31st & Harvard to 41st & Yale, Ranch Acres.

During the early 1900s, (1905-1918) there was a shift in migrant behavior in Ranch Acres, Tulsa, OK.  Early notions of equity and social equality were brewing. Egalitarianism (from French égal, meaning ‘equal’) – or equalitarianism – is a school of thought that prioritizes equality for all.

The ‘fourth estate’ Ranch Acres, bustling 3.92km commercial list zone, is the birthplace of the frumious off-spring future schock generation, brought to this part of town, because of tactical gamesmanship; political exploits of oil capitalist; and out of necessity to grow families.  And with these ideals came sharper opinions about the Egalitarian doctrines which maintain that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or social status.

While large hotels, Christian temperance organizations, street car operators, railroad tradesmen, fire fighter employees and business owners were blooming in downtown Tulsa, OK.  Almost simultaneously, huge real estate developers were being allotted realtor lists of wealthy migrants moving into the Ranch Acres Neighborhood to stake a claim in what would soon become one of the wealthiest places to live in the United States. 

Aided by sustaining World War One (WWI) industrialization efforts from (1919-1939) Tulsa, OK, was still on the economic move.  Prosperity was apparent. 

The new high schools (Tulsa Central High School), City Libraries; the Rotary Club and Orpheum theater, sprang up, changing the landscape forever. 

And in 1928, oil millionaire, W.G. Skelly, opened the first airport at Apache and Sheridan. 

High-toned prosumer protestant worker ethic soon changed from “unis-me”(individual singular) decade to multi-variant ethnicity Latin Church; Independent Catholicism; Eastern Orthodox Church; Independent Eastern Orthodoxy; Independent Oriental Orthodoxy; Anglican Communion; Proto-Protestant groups; Lutheranism plus the more traditional Baptist, Episcopal, Methodist churches. 

All worship faiths and theological ideologies coalesced to meeker this new generational campground. 

Other-world religious reformation, characterized a modern world-church newspeak.  Clearly recognizable, this generative pathography, quickly made common-place egalitarian ideologies, as well as, humanism to every resident in the Ranch Acres community.

Star cross’d stereotypes and spacism movements empirically are trending struggles for not only the wealthiest common people’s migrating here, but to the middle-low to low-income people in the Ranch Acres Neighborhood.

The migrating people created housing project variations of Ranch Acres, later calling and identifying, as the sub-culturalism separating them from the “stuff-shirts.” 

The New Ranch Acres migrants, down-played banality to follow “the money” and to unbirth the uffish runcible kinships that expected them to just sit idle and not stake a claim in the newfound estate.

“I can’t find a lost generation in kelemenopy.  Sequential straight line theomonacracy, no longer infracaninophile to the masses,” The New Ranch Acres demonyms pronounced.

This could also explain the value of:  having riches God promised them, while sharing “Egalitarian Virtualism.”

Why did incompossible illth identity crisis threaten to usurp ephermeralist Ranch Acres colonialists with changing Egalitarian Virtualism?

After extensively researching Ranch Acres, Tulsa, OK, I couldn’t find a historical record which has been published about Ranch Acres to accurately explain anthropological justice in perspectives based in hypothetical euphemism.  However, even today I still want to chaplinesque this demonythic eth, as a “secret safe space” and the birth place of Egalitarian Virtualist culture idealism in modern Communal Modularism.

I speculate the native residents of Ranch Acres were probably not happy about distributive economic developments especially in religious and housing sectors in their community.  To reconcile economic productivity with social equality which is not
proclaimed as freedom or liberty, makes establishing foundational—value to its equity futures complex.

31st & Harvard to 41st & Sheridan, Ranch Acres, four-mile segment is familiar to the people who live here and to every Tulsan that travels temporarily to this area to stay overnight with friends; family or relatives. 

There are no bed and breakfasts in this area.  And there are no Hotels.  But the transcendent tone that flowers throughout this ecdysiast door mat is that its’ silly, but its somehow “over covered” when I put its’ value into my random.



The city of Tulsa is planning to reconstruct several intersections all the way down to – and including – utilities.  Among those are 36th Street North and Lewis, 41st and Harvard, 41st and Lewis, on 61street. 91st & Memorial.  For more information or more stories like this one contact us:  Information@pacetulsa.com



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