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“Acknowledgment, patience, and an openness develops life-long relationships.”- Lucious Hiriams

Armed with his knowledge including a rich history of volunteer service, patience and genuine kindness, Lucious Hiriams, leaves his home each day on a mission to help troubled people turn their lives around.

Lucious is an Independent Publishing professional who serves as a Life-Coach and Mentor in Tulsa, Okla., through his Poetry and conference attendance.

Positive role models are often non-existent in the lives of many non-believers in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Lucious and mentors like him, recognize that it takes time and enormous patience for the trust factor to develop within the relationships with their mentees.

Most people have lost their way. Few people in the 21st century trust others. So why should they trust life-coaches?” said Lucious. “We need to earn their trust through our actions and sincerity; we need to be persistent and be genuinely interested in their life’s direction.”

The majority of people in Lucious’ life arrive with histories of incarceration, problems related to drug use, social and emotional issues, poor school attendance, and other barriers that prevent personal success. It’s not uncommon for mentees to live in single parent homes plagued by poverty, divorce, family incarcerations or homicide. Most participants come from environments where there are chronic cycles of adversity. Mentors like Lucious, race against the clock because of court dates; lease or employment terminations;and huge financial debts that exist in almost every mentor-mentee relationship.

Lucious takes his role very seriously, always looking for proactive ways to help his mentees move past barriers to their success. The barriers are great for mentees, both, in work and in their personal lives.

Recently, Lucious and the entire north side district celebrated the successful transition of two of his mentees to the community’s young adult life coach level.

The blurred-lines and limited vision of a lot of the people who reach out to Lucious, come to him only as a last result. Unable to organize their actions with their life events, most mentees come to Lucious with poor attitudes and sub-standard life conditions: gang involvement, prostitution and virtually no interest in having a mentoring relationship with anyone. The outcome of daily coaching and one-to-one conversations is proof that life changing consultation is happening for the mentees who now have a pointed direction and positive attitudes toward their future.

Lucious has volunteered as a mentor and patriot to sponsor events aimed at overcoming “Hatred and Disrespect’ in the lives of ALL American’s, for more 40 year’s.

To learn more about Lucious Hiriams work check out his website Or to become a Senior Mentor contact (918) 561-8321. Or email to:


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