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Webinars and Video Gaming e-Learning Opportunities. By Terence Morris, Founder, PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION. May 18, 2017 11:32 AM. Join PACE TULSA NOW…TEXT: PACEPAC TO: 22828 OR Register | Lost your password?.



What is a webinar?

Let’s get clear about the definition of the term Webinar. The word Webinar is short for Web-based Seminar. A Webinar is a presentation, a lecture, or a workshop delivered over the web. It incorporates audio and visual elements as well as audience interaction. Webinars allow organizations to deliver their message to hundreds of people at the same time, across geographic boundaries. This flexible delivery model has made Webinars an increasingly popular way for businesses to connect presentations and training events. Let’s talk about how Webinars are different from Webcasts. While a Webcast is a one way web broadcast to the audience with limited audience interaction.

A Webinar is a collaborative presentation with features that may include audience Q and A or audience polls that encourage interaction between audience and presenter. A Webinar is also different from online meetings. An online meeting allows people to meet and collaborate via web conference across geographic boundaries. Typically, all participants in an online meeting have similar privileges to speak and to share documents over their screen. In a Webinar, typically only presenters are granted audio and sharing privileges. Some typical features of a Webinar include slide show presentations, website or software demos, live or streaming video, real time audio communication through a phone or computer VOIP connection, meeting recording, white boards with annotations that allow the presenter or attendees to highlight or mark items on the screen, text chat for live question and answer sessions, polls and surveys directed to the audience, and screen desktop or obligation sharing.

Hosting a Webinar requires the use of a web conferencing solution. For full access to standard Webinar features a solution specific to Webinar production is required. A few examples of Webinar specific software are GoToWebinar, WebEx Event Center, and Adobe Connect. Webinar tools sometimes require additional software to be installed by the presenter and or the participants, prior to participating in the event. Audience members can register for the Webinar in advance and sign on to the Webinar through a registration URL.

Different Webinar software solutions offer different features. With most software, attendees can interact with presenters by typing in questions via a chat window and responding to surveys and polls during the Webinar. The most critical benefits of using Webinar software include pre-event registration tools, audience interactivity tools, and secure access rights that are specific to presenter level and attendee level participation. It’s important to understand the specific characteristics of a Webinar before you produce your own. It will help you select the appropriate Webinar tools and plan your event.


Improve onboarding effectiveness
Verification of onboarding to identify the strong points and the areas of improvement for a smooth onboarding experience.

Warmer welcome
Taking insights from employees for a warmer welcome with every new hire. This helps in employee engagement towards the organization’s goals and strategy. Inductions revive with every survey feedback.

Improved attrition rate
The amount of money spent on hiring, recruitment, and onboarding is saved if an onboarding survey is conducted. The attrition rate is highest in the initial year of joining. Employee onboarding surveys reduce the attrition rate significantly.


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