My Dad, Lucious Hiriams independent publisher and life coach

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On “help” his mentees move past barriers to their success. Removing barriers is a “great-look” for mentees bound without direction. Lost to instructions, both, through work and personally.

Recently, Lucious and the entire North Side district, celebrated the successful transition of two of his mentees to the community’s young adult life-coach level. These two “change-advocates” idealized blurred-lines and limited vision which inhibits personal growth.

A lot of mentees of all ages reach out to Lucious, and come to him only as a last result.

Unable to organize their actions tied spuriously to their life events, oftentimes Lucious must overcome disparaging community opinions.

Most mentees come to Lucious with poor attitudes and sub-standard life conditions. Often gang involvement, prostitution and virtually no interest in having a mentoring relationship with anyone become the reasons for mentees to give up.

The outcome of daily coaching and one-to-one conversations is proof that life changing consultation is happening.

Encouragement gives mentees a pointed direction and positive attitudes about their future.

Lucious has volunteered as a mentor and patriot, sponsoring formal and informal events aimed at overcoming “Hatred and Disrespect.’

These lifestyle meetings are serious. impacting the lives of ALL American’s, for more 40 years’.

To become a Senior Mentor contact (918) 582-1972.

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