After consulting business models similar to ours, we decided to implement a stronger fundraising campaign.



Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education, is a curriculum intersecting public transportation policy and public safety in the United States.

We feel now is the time!

Since 2018 Tulsa Equality Indicators Annual Reports: Offeres Shared Resources, “Measuring change toward greater equality in Tulsa.

The report was prepared by the Community Service Council in partnership with the City of Tulsa with funding from The Rockefeller Foundation and guidance from the City University of New York’s Institute for State and Local Governance.

The 2018 Tulsa Equality Indicators Annual Report found most minority groups in Tulsa, OK, rarely become aware of public transportation efforts or are uninterested in community opportunities to get involved in ways to positively impact equity based policy initiatives.

In August 2017, Community Service Council (CSC) and the City of Tulsa, with guidance from the CUNY ISLG team, led seven community feedback sessions over three days in six different locations covering North, South, East, West, and downtown Tulsa.

There was a combined total of 159 attendees. The community feedback sessions were designed to be an open-forum for discussion about equality issues in Tulsa.
Equity-Economy Framework Modeling Municipality-Owned Corporations (MOC) highlights inequalities based in practice: Of Education (35.22), Housing (34.33) and Economic Opportunity (38.89) disparities exist less full-implementation measured learner environments within a public transportation policy program.

The numbers next to the forum topics represents the percentage number out of 100.00 polled.
Private v.s Public ownership of goods and competition for resources and assets can work to heighten societal conflicts while obtaining Organic Constitutional Rights (OCR).

The tasks performed by the client and supplier units vary between governance models and the level of expertise available in the municipality.

If the direct labor force within the municipality has competence, the services are provided with their own labor force up to its capacity. In the case where private markets do not exist within the municipality, services are procured from surrounding municipalities or directly from private markets.


THE FOUNDATION of AGS is an independent organization, which is “The intellectual think-tank providing a stimulus created by PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION.”

PACE TULSA NETWORK ONE WORLD VISION OFFERSS “Engaged Pedestrians” heightened awareness of organized travel laws.

Maybe You Or Someone You Know Has Become The Victim Of A Tragic Pedestrian Crosswalk Intersection Accident?

I Get Asked, “All The Time,” By People Whose Lives Have Been Forever Changed By “Dart-Out” Or “Crosswalk Intersection” Accidents…

What Exactly Is Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education”?

And I Respond, “PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION, Is The Brainchild Of My New Walk With The Miraculous.”

Our Foundation Is An Online Resource For “ALL United States CITIZENS” Interested In Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalks.


I Too… Am A Surviving Victim Of A Pedestrian Crosswalk Intersection Near-Critical Injury. PACE TULSA, Helps Me Share My Tragic Life Events With Others.

THE MONEY RAISED THROUGH Go Fund Me Fundraiser Platform will be used to operationally implement our Pedestrian Safety NETWORK’S 12 National Public Safety Campaigns.


Some initial considerations:

  1. Common Business Goals
  2. Improving participant experiences
  3. Establishing the PACE TULSA NETWORK brand identity
  4. Find new markets for pedestrian awareness crosswalk education initiatives
  5. Expand educational curriculum service lines
  6. Decrease time to market campaign hooks
  7. Improve intrinsic value of our core message
  8. Increase management communications
  9. Voluntary promotions in staff integrations
  10. Reduce operational costs
  11. Generate creative sources of revenue
  12. Strategic philanthropy implementations
  13. Become more enterprising
  14. Increase networking with civic partners
  15. Develop outreach channels
  16. Specificity survey policies
  17. Office locations and equipment
  18. Campaign planner materials

After investigating further we found other elements of our budget should also be addressed.


The Pedestrian Safety Campaign Planner includes:

Medium & Content

  • (1) Pedestrian Safety Campaign Step-by Step Guide [this document]
    Approximately 100 pages, including images of the print PSAs, posters and cinema slides
  • (1) Beta video (broadcast quality – for TV stations)
    (4) TV PSAs
  • (1) Pocket folder
    (1) sample press release
    (1) set of guidelines
    (2) brochures
  • (5) Posters
    Based upon print PSAs
    (2) 24″ x 36″
    (3) 11″ x 17″
  • (1) Audio CD
    (6) 30-second radio PSAs
  • (2) Data CDs
    Electronic files including:
  • Data CD1
  • (15) print ads in a variety of sizes
  • (5) posters
  • (2) brochures
  • (8) cinema slides
  • Images/icons for promotional products/items
  • FHWA logo (positive and reversed)
  • Fonts
  • Data CD2
  • (4) TV PSAs as a QuickTime/RealPlayer file
  • (6) Press releases
  • (15) Newspaper articles with artwork

Administrative Expenses
Office Rental
Office Space and Furniture
Office Supplies and Equipment
Parcel & Cargo Deliveries
Additional Staff :
A private foundation may qualify for treatment as a private operating foundation. They are subject to the tax on net investment income and to the other requirements and restrictions. Operating foundations are not subject to the excise tax on failure to distribute income. Contributions to private foundations described in Internal Revenue Code section 4942(j)(3) are deductible by the donors to the extent of 50 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income, whereas contributions to all other private foundations (except those discussed under Private Pass-through Foundation ) are limited to 30 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income. In addition, a private operating foundation may receive qualifying distributions from a private foundation if the private foundation does not control it.

COPYRIGHT© 2023 | PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION. “Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education is an online think-tank intersecting awareness of public transportation policy in the United States.”

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