CREATIVE INNOVATION: “Street Lights” could connect virtually with motor vehicles to innovate organized travel.

“Street Lights” could connect virtually with motor vehicles to innovate organized travel.

The new initiative to “Light the City of Tulsa Streets” is a great start for Mayor GT Bynum’s administration. This $50,000.00 “Street Light” initiative is not “a bad start” or “point of criticism.”

To say more work needs to be ordered is a “first step.” Lack of funding; disconcerted community proposals; absent legislative balloting; and crime watch advocacy groups, have limited the City of Tulsa Officials’ ability to address “Street Light” issues “head-on, full-throttle” until now.

PACE TULSA NETWORK fully supports 5G Wireless Innovations and technologies supporting advanced organized travel and public transportation policy.

As a child growing up in Tulsa, Ok, I can remember listening to conversations my parents, neighbors, and family members had about Tulsa Public Safety. As the topic turned toward “community action” the City of Tulsa regrets… “Street Lights”, was always the number one complaint. North Tulsans and “Black People” were signing petitions and going down to City Hall to complain about not having “Street Lights” and adequate lighting.

The Tulsa City Commissioners were NOT RESPONSIVE to THOUSANDS of CONCERNED CITIZEN complaints. That was in 1979.

What’s bizarre is that it’s 2020 and the “Street Light” issue is still a “tabled agenda” on the City Planner’s desk only partially addressed. 

The reasons to add the more City of Tulsa “Street Lights”

Low-Visibility, High burglary, Increased Speeding, Domestic Violence, Camping, Loitering, Looting, and Traffic Accidents.

The benefits of more light:

  • Mobility at night without fear of attack.
  • Mitigate morbidity barriers affecting vision and driving.
  • Clarify streets paths improving visibility.

It’s better to see what’s ahead of you before you get there to secure your defensive driving plan of action! Most cars today have improved driving automation. The next step is obvious coordination where “Street Lights” connect virtually with “motor vehicles” to innovate organized travel

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