Foundation capstone associates and fellow scholars’ acknowledgment 

I truly believe 2023 PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN) will productively witness our “online community success-to-purpose” medium. 

Milling-over 5 years of careful consideration, mark 2023, as the year of a unified “One World-Vision.”

A “World Changing” organization like PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN), embraces the expressive caveat, of societal morae. Much, Much, more than “A Way to Be Mean, and Impolite”?

“In times of tragedy often we are expected to lay all of our troubles aside and focus on the road to recovery ahead.”-Terence Morris, founder of PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION, 2013.

I too, “Am a surviving pedestrian crosswalk Intersection accident victim.”  

2022 America’s “Build Back Better,” small legislative victories proved highly successful.

Although peace has come over our “voice of fear,” more insight into the events which traumatized us all becomes clearer.

In terms of collaboration amongst United States communities there remains insurmountable obstacles.

What interest groups, political organizations or supply chain wholesalers are giving breaks, discounts and cash incentives to these company’s that hire bad leaders?

Unanswered questions to be considered?

Without adequate financing, fundraising campaigns do not have the power to regain their rightful place as U.S. Citizen organizations. 

It is only in “togetherness” that “One Voice in Transportation” exists. Most employees once they’ve been hired on, expecting work for fair wages. Especially, if you’ve been hired by United Parcel Service, one of the largest logistics companies in the Global United States.

What are Fundraising campaigns seeking?

  • Fundraising campaigns seek to regain their “One Voice in Transportation.”  
  • Fundraising campaigns seek to all have one common interest.  That common interest is “One Voice in Transportation.” 
  • Fundraising campaigns’ seek re-enfranchisement in the communities which have faithfully served them.  
  • Fundraising campaigns’ seek to “Rise,” out of critical underfinancing.

My colleague, maybe you or someone you know or even read about “Is the victim of a Pedestrian Crosswalk Intersection Accident”?

A pregnant woman and her baby were leaving a concert at the BOK Center, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  

As the pregnant woman was crossing the street, a large black truck revved up its engine and a drunken motorist slammed his vehicle into her and her baby. 

As a result of the accident the woman and her child almost died.

PTN Rekindles “A spirit of benevolence, hope, and grace.” 

It is during our solace, after a near-critical fatality, that we must continually acknowledge our faith in a ‘higher power,’ and remind ourselves that accidents are not our fault. 

Although “a painful feeling of loss takes over our will,” because we survived the crash, the chain of death has been forever broken.

Like the pregnant woman and her baby, “I had a long journey.” However, each day after my pedestrian crosswalk intersection accident, I would remind myself that, “the world is a dangerous place.”

While recovering alone my thoughts were filled with anger and confusion. With exercise and practice, I began to harness ‘the power of regenerative life.’ 

Worrying doesn’t fix anything. I had to overcome the ‘spirit of sorrow.’ Soon a ‘spirit of revolution’ took control of my emotions. 

I no longer “felt lost.” I had an “epiphany, joined into my best expectations,”… and that’s…when Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education became my ‘new walk within the miraculous.’”

My “health improved” and “my sense of self-worth changed.”

I whole-heartedly believe “the opportunities of mercy that abound us are created within the ‘spirit of benevolence.’”

Associates and Fellows, It is for all of these reasons I reach out to you again today in kindness for the support!

PTN Online community “Success-to-purpose” medium. 

This is January 2023, but in the summer of 2016 PACE TULSA AGS hosted an “online diversity climate assessment survey.”

By 2017, The Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education (PTN) communities and aware pedestrian safety organizations had joined forces to enrich our lives, powerfully impacting the way Americans felt about “Modularity.”

  • Looking For “A Great Cause To Support”?
  • Looking for “A Solution to problems negatively impacting our communities.”

PACE TULSA Can help!

A diversity climate survey was published and made FREE to the public; AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, 24/ 7/ 365, for a period of six weeks in 2016. This stimulated an online forum.

Online virtual leadership conferences for people intrinsically aware of “expansive cross-cultural groups and diversities.”

“Raising the bar” when surveying the attitudes of people in the employment workforce Includes clarifying “blurred or skewed” grey area’s.

DIVERSITY CONFERENCE 2016-17 | Overcoming Employment Discrimination:  Racism, Sexism & Wage-retaliation.

PACE TULSA Learning Environments

  • “Human Resource Diversity & Inclusion (HD & I)” 
  •  “How Diversity & Inclusion are woven into aspects of online cybernetic virtual dynamic environments.” 

This was the beginning of the PTN ONLINE-OPEN ACCESS PLATFORM.

This segment begins with contextualization of the 2016 PACE TULSA “online climate assessment surveys as defined:

“Human Resource Diversity & Inclusion (HD & I)”

Always misinterpreting; making grey or blurring the essence of someone’s life-constitution; self-economy; and personal liberties is wrong! And completely inappropriate.

PACE TULSA uses key terminology in the “2016 online climate assessment survey,” to echo the established uses of terms in employment opportunities. 

PACE TULSA gives the following “definitions of diversity” – To accurately assess.

The term “diversity” is used to indicate “the depth of representation of people from backgrounds, populations, and perspectives.”

“No one walks into an office completely blindfolded to become successful in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Employee Workforce.”

Including Factors Means:

•  Age

 • Gender/Gender identity

 • Cognitive disability

 • Ethnic background

 • Nationality

 • Perceived socioeconomic status

 • Physical disability

 • Race

 • Sexual Orientation

Additionally, the term “inclusive” indicates the level of acceptance of individual(s) and group diversity in eligible employment groups. (e.g. Tulsa Employee Workforce.)

An inclusive climate “embraces including factors” and “fosters equitable participation.” 

Perceptions & impressions about human diversity inclusion (HD & I)

Why did PTN Choose A College Campus for Research Studies?

A.)  Perceptions about diversity and inclusion within College Environments are predominantly positive. 

B.)  Impressions of diversity and inclusion within the College environment are predominantly positive.

The higher percentages of respondents focusing on Perceptions & Impressions strongly indicate the “importance of “change efforts,” targeting improvements in human diversity and inclusion.

Open-ended responses analyzed

College student responses to open-ended questions proved a bit more problematic.

  • While many offered helpful explanations and some very thoughtful suggestions.
  • A larger percentage of open-ended responses were irrelevant to surveys. (e.g., complaints about how often certain courses are offered.) 
  • A misunderstanding of core terminology (e.g., assertions that commuters are people with certain types of bachelor’s degrees.)
  • College students are people with certain political opinions (e.g., demonstrated treatment as a diverse population.  “White lives matter” t-shirt.) 
  • A well-meaning, but not particularly detailed comment (e.g., expressing support for diversity in general.)

The main themes from the open-ended responses and sample comments from each theme are discussed herein;

5 Lessons from the online climate assessment surveys as defined:

  1. The survey revealed that the College Community is notably diverse in some ways and much less diverse in others.
  1. The Tulsa College Community is perceived by most members of the community as being generally successful. 
  1. The opportunity to create time to build diverse and inclusive environments is more acceptable.
  1. Better – or more insistent – communication is needed regarding diversity-related activities in the Tulsa, Oklahoma College Community.
  1. The Individual Diversity Programs (IDP) online courses are viewed as successful amongst the College Community populations preparing to work within corporate cross-cultural diversity.

The faculty and staff would likely benefit from an online informational symposium focusing most on creating an inclusive environment in the Tulsa Community College cyber virtual dynamic environments.

Online climate assessment survey goals are met as defined:

The survey is to better understand how members of the Tulsa, Oklahoma online community perceive the current state of diversity and inclusion.  

  1. In that time, 112 students, staff members, faculty members, and administrators of the Tulsa Community College completed the survey, representing roughly one-quarter of the College Community survey petitioners.
  1. Available online, the survey was anonymous, and data will only be reported in the aggregate to ensure no individual respondent can be identified.
  1. Participation in the survey and each question is entirely optional. 
  1. There are 21 closed responses and 2 open-response questions.
  1. Announcements encouraging participation in the survey are on list servers, in meetings, on websites, and in classes. 

PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION has a potential online listener base of about 90,000 people and our reach is calculable.

  1. The survey provides the opportunity for participants to gain a kinesthetic view of “diversity and inclusion” within Tulsa Community College.
  1. The survey provides participants with a picture detailed on canvas about diversity, as outlined by the members of the Tulsa Community College community. 
  1. The survey “diversity and inclusion” provides the opportunity to “base perceptions of diversity and inclusion” within companies in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Community.
  1. College Community surveys and questionnaires to assess and improve employee attitudes about diversity in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Community Colleges.
  1. These online climate assessment surveys and questionnaires can be assessed. Moreover, there are also direct interactions with survey participants. 

Follow-up studies will use the information from this “online climate assessment survey and questionnaire” to engage in more targeted data collection.  For example:

  • “Human Resource Diversity & Inclusion (HD & I)” 
  •  “How Diversity & Inclusion are woven into aspects of online cybernetic virtual dynamic environments.” 

Through interviews and focus group support actions, PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN) continues to fill out this picture since  2015.  

Examples of “Key Performance Indicators” benchmarked improvements, on a Community College Student Level (given before and after the survey.)

  • Website usage statistics spiked.
  • Accessibility indicators improved
  • Student surveys created increased study site follower-ship. Day and times of referrals.
  • Community College’s “general public availability” affected related surveys.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys resulted in continuous improvement in scholarly publications.
  • Highest-percentage of including factors group responses received 

As noted above, the 112 responses represent a significant portion of the College Community petitioners.

Here are the results of the PACE TULSA online climate assessment survey. 

Including Factors Means:

•  Age

 • Gender/Gender identity

 • Cognitive disability

 • Ethnic background

 • Nationality

 • Perceived socioeconomic status

 • Physical disability

 • Race

 • Sexual Orientation


62 respondents selected all that apply.  The fact that age was the only category indicated by over half of respondents demonstrates the particular need for attention to this area.

Including questions of whether ageism experiences are (i) due to feeling younger than most students,(ii) older than most students, or (iii) a combination of people in both categories.

Based on the comments related to age in the open-ended section, it seems likely that these responses are tied to both students who feel younger and students who feel older than their peers.


In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Caucasian response in most demographic categories simultaneously demonstrated a clear majority population. 


61 respondents with the most striking level of diversity represented in the College Campus Community happened within the sexual-orientation survey.

I believe because PACE TULSA played a part in online specificity-surveys caudled; human diversity & inclusion centered-commitments surrounding online assessments meant that ultimately, The Foundation became a part of College Campus inclusivity. 

Another reason”togetherness” is proven… why “One Voice in Transportation” exists.

Variable pay, faculty ranks, promotions, and new salary schedules may help end Employment Discrimination:  “Racism, Sexism & Wage retaliation.”

The implementation of a variable pay rate strategy has generated discussion, both positive and negative, within the College Community.

It is hoped that the combination of variable pay, faculty rank, promotions, and new salary schedules based on benchmark data, can deliver faculty increases.

Continuing Community College development programs concerning human diversity & inclusion will strengthen the College Community”s ability to “attract and retain a qualified and engaged workforce.”

Even if it means upgrading Colleges Campus virtual dynamic environments.” 

University D H & I Policymakers Must define Benchmark Data Requirements otherwise some professors and students may be offended by the changes.

The Florida governor’s office requested on Dec. 28 that public colleges and universities inform the governor about state expenditures “on programs and initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and critical race theory.”

The higher education institutions were given until Jan. 13—just over two weeks—to provide a “comprehensive list of all staff, programs, and campus activities” that fit this definition.

Jeremy C. Young, senior manager, free expression and education at PEN America, issued the following statement:

“The governor’s request looks more like a witch hunt than a serious effort to examine public expenditures.

It’s one thing to engage in a systematic, deliberative review of higher education budgets; it’s entirely another for the government to interrogate faculty and universities about how a specific set of principles and intellectual frameworks are being advanced or taught on campus.

The governor’s request contains no clear definitions of the terms about which it seeks information about which it seeks information, and colleges were given only two weeks to comply.

That’s a recipe for chilling teaching and intimidating higher education administrators, not for improving students’ education.”

At least one institution, the University of North Florida, has interpreted the request as requiring data on all courses and instructors teaching these topics.

What if there are insurmountable obstacles in the way preventing you from avoiding workplace discrimination like in the UPS example that I gave you earlier.

In December 2022 I called United Parcel Service, human resources office to speak with one of the driver’s helpers coordinators. She was busy and asked that I call her back. A few hours later I called back and we talked about my new job and lots of other things

Each day I waited near my cellphone, hoping news would change, and our driver’s helper coordinator would offer me a scheduled shift with a UPS driver. However, for over 4 weeks I was told “Driver loads were lower this year and an no drivers helpers were needed.”

While patiently waiting on an assignment my car was repossessed, medical bills piled up, my bank account went to collections, and unfortunately, I was forced to file for unemployment.

This trend of “no-work” available for hired employees must stop.

No matter what. when someone is hired to work they’re expecting to be employed.

UPS for 6 weeks after my onboarding orientation and hiring, decided that there weren’t enough delivery routes available and I was on standby. 

Should working-class people expect workplace abandonment?

There was no slight of hand, and no way for me to forcefully decide to work anyway. Showing up at a driver’s truck and aking to work.

For me that was definitely an insurmountable obstacle to gainful employment.

Although, at the end of the peak season I was given 4 days pay, I feel disrespected and underrepresented by UPS. 

UPS this year also refused to pay for driver’s helpers orientation and company training.  Ster multiple inquiries about training pay I was cols shouldered by another department referral and not offered a payroll trace.

The worse part of the whole experience was when I received a text message from a driver’s helper coordinator saying, “Her last day at UPS was today! And that no helpers were needed. She said, “The peak season has ended…  Good luck with your future employment with UPS.”

PTN challenges you to take a leap of faith.  Clear the books and recover your right of how to “Empower people everywhere to have a home.

You can’t stop exploring how different the world would be when you have no other place to go. 

No one feels good about experiencing homelessness. Hearts sink when instantly faced with addressing poverty, degradation, and hopelessness.

Our communities visually; oftentimes daily, are reminded of the face of homelessness. Leaving people behind, to die in the streets, feels and looks like everything God dislikes.

Recovering your right how to empower people everywhere to have a home means bridging income gaps, sharing a human space with mankind, a human space secured with the dignity of affirming the right to call the United place home.

PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION Listen’s when people are hurting. Maybe YOUR CAUSE Is Helping to End Homeless?

Our social advocacy articles gives philanthropists insight and in-depth analysis of various topics. In PTN’S “ONE NIGHT I DREAMED I SAW A HOMELESS PERSON,” a homeless man recounts his experience stating,

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