Empower people everywhere a Home

Terence Morris, a native Tulsan, and author of pacetulsa.com has been an advocate for social change “Empowering people to help people in PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION (Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education) for nearly 10 years.”

You can’t stop exploring how different the world would be when you have no other place to go. 

PTN challenges you to take a leap of faith. Clear the books and recover your right of how to “Empower people everywhere to have a home. Help PTN help others in need. Sign our Empower people everywhere a Home change.org petition.

No one feels good about experiencing homelessness. Hearts sink when instantly faced with addressing poverty, degradation, and hopelessness.

Our communities visually; oftentimes daily, are reminded about the face of homelessness. Leaving people behind, to die in the streets, feels and looks like everything God dislikes.

Recovering your right how to empower people everywhere to have a home means bridging income gaps, sharing a human space with mankind a human space secured with the dignity of affirming the right to call the united place home.

#loventwined #empowerpeople #havinga home #bridgeincome #humanspace #mankind

image: PTN- A New Day Center for The Homeless being built on 36th St in North Tulsa, OK.

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