Law enforcement agents and misdemeanor domestic violence crime assault


Did you know?  if a police law enforcement employee is found to have a MCDV (Misdemeanor Domestic.Violence Crime) or is the subject of a qualifying protection order under investigation, the department legal counsel and/or Tulsa, Oklahoma city/county attorney shall be consulted immediately regarding continued employment or duty assignment.

United States Federal law prohibits police/ Law Enforcement  Officers convicted of qualifying Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Crimes from possessing or distribution of forearms.  

BUT, did The United States Supreme Court GRANT EXCESSIVE Law Enforcement Powers to NON-UNITED STATES POLICE INTELLIGENCE/ LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITIES In Tulsa, Oklahoma with the precedent set in Jimcy McGirt v. Oklahoma? 

Should NATIVE AMERICAN Law Enforcement Agents (convicted or under investigation) / Police  Intelligence Communities with MCDV (Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Crimes) BE AUTHORIZED TO Weaponize/ Carry Firearms/ or Distribute Firearms?

In 1996, petitioner Jimcy McGirt forcibly raped his wife’s four-year-old granddaughter at their home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  McGirt was convicted in state court of first-degree rape, lewd molestation and forcible sodomy. … McGirt did not assert that state courts lacked jurisdiction to convict him. In 2018, McGirt sought post-conviction relief on the grounds that Oklahoma courts lacked jurisdiction over his criminal case because, he claims, he committed his crime on an Indian reservation, and he and his victim are enrolled members of the Seminole Nation. 

Rebecca A. Reid and Todd A. Curry of the 

Washington Post Newspaper, July 29, 2020 at 6:00 AM write that, “In a 5-to-4 ruling in McGirt v. Oklahoma earlier this month, the Supreme Court delivered a decisive legal victory for Native Americans. In a rare move, the court upheld an 1866 treaty between the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and the United States, a treaty that had established the Muscogee Nation’s geographic borders. The court’s decision means that much of eastern Oklahoma remains Indian land today, blocking state authorities from prosecuting First Nations individuals within the boundaries of the Muscogee Nation.”

In a case involving treaty rights versus state taxation, the Supreme Court narrowly decided that the Yakama Treaty of 1855 creates a right for tribal members to avoid state taxes on off-reservation commercial activities that make use of public highways. The law in question taxes motor vehicle importers that bring large quantities of fuel into the state by ground transportation.

The 5-4 decision in the case, Washington State Department of Licensing v. Cougar Den, Inc., affirmed a Washington Supreme Court decision that upheld the tribe’s exemption. Justice Stephen Breyer wrote the majority opinion. The concurring opinion by Gorsuch and Ginsburg concluded that the 1855 treaty guarantees tribal members the right to move their goods to and from the market freely.

In Herrera v. Wyoming, the Supreme Court held that Wyoming’s statehood did not void the Crow Tribe’s right to hunt on unoccupied lands under an 1868 treaty, and that the Bighorn National Forest did not automatically become “occupied” when the forest was created. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, wrote the majority opinion.

WHY ARE AFRICAN-AMERICANS/ BLACK PEOPLE In Tulsa, Oklahoma NOW subject to NATIVE-BORN Voice’s Term’s as the “Supreme Interpretive Effect?”

Gorsuch has repeatedly said, “When the Supreme Court is dealing with a tribal treaty, then the court must give effect to the terms as the Indians themselves would have understood them,” as Gorsuch quotes the 1999 Supreme Court decision Minnesota v. Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians, it is “the way Native Americans understood the promises afforded to the with the treaty’s that should decided by the interpretation.

Could Non-United States Native-American Tribunal’s become the Supreme Interpretive Sanctioning Authorities upheld over African-American Black People?  

Will Native-America Intelligence Police Law Enforcement Agents side with terrorist hate cells in our community? 

Will Native-Americas continue to “Allow Our People” to be Executed/ Assassinated/ and Medically Terminated at this rapidly accelerated pace? 

Is it because or money, racism, or indifference?

African-American People deserve to know.  Not another minute of time should be spent ignoring or questioning what we are asking Native American’s

We need answers, understandimg and acceptance today.  Yes, it is clear.  Yes, it is obvious.  Yes, time is up For Hate, Disrespect and Deception.

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