UK Drill Rap: “A Progressive Take!”

U.K. Drill Rappers emotionally-charged ‘spiritual religiosity” catapults the “power of reason” and “scientific observation” through another tinctured, but also fractured phase of awareness. 

U.K. drill (Blackmarket roadrap) is a subgenre of rap often described as nihilistic with subversive dark undertones. 

U.K. DRILL RAP voices are re-defining emotional ambiguity with faint sarcasm over eclectic ontological biomechanical plyometric rhythms. The “flavor,” only those from the U.K. Drill RAP base may understand.

The Hop-Hop Artist’s Information Campaign strengthens, except this time not in Latin America. 

A dear friend remarked, “How to understand her language and to speak it — is another difference.”

UK Drill Rap is the New York City rap scene’s latest sub-genre being mainstreamed by Chicago, IL (Chi-town) -bred artists like Chief Keef, G Herbo, Lil Bibby, King Louie, Ghanian and Nigerian artists.  

Take for instance… “The complexity of freedom talks.”

Since 1976, when the U.S. President Gerald Ford declared February Black History Month.

After the freedom talks, simultaneously Americans that felt marooned feeling helpless. 

U.S. President Gerald Ford’s declarations came during the United States Bicentennial Celebration forever changing “racist ideological indoctrination.”  

Due to ignorance or foreshadowing, pillars of mistrust; Americans’ supporting this paradigm shift, became pundits of resistance movements; and wrought clamor.  Sometimes fierce upheavals submerged non-black African-American communities.

When President Ford announced to ‘all people all over the world, “NOW IS THE TIME to seize the opportunity to honor the neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history, President Gerald Ford also declared a ‘Cold War’ on hatred.”

The gloomy cold, pigeon dulled skies, and urban ghetto feel, with baddies roaming the streets of NYC, reminds most UK DRILL RAP artists of home in the U.K. 

Black Air Force Ones, Monclars and Nike Techs.

Highly sought American Talents Like x_type Gucci Mane, Lil Durk, and Canadian artist Lil Berete. Getting court battles settled and sharing prison war stories. 

UK Drill Rap does not get Meek Mills x_type press in the UK.  Meaning the U.K. DRILL RAP counter-culture isn’t being acknowledged, as highly as, other genres.

Until he was fatally injured in Atlanta, GA, King Von, songs like “Crazy Story” fueled the drill movement. 

A younger DRILL RAP Artis, “Lil Berete,” a Regent Park rapper, was said to have been sent a militant style cease-and-desist order by (TCHC) Toronto Community Housing Corporation about the videos shot at the housing project where he lives with his mother.  Lil Berete’s “No Love” video is one of a handful he’s filmed at his Regent Park project, some of which top 1 million views.

Over the summer of 2019, a video surfaced on YouTube of Lil Berete and his friends getting ticketed for jaywalking in Regent Park, titled “Were Toronto Police Profiling Toronto Rapper Lil Berete And His Friends In Regent Park?” 

The “grimy-inductive type,” yeah the one “masked wearing hype,” would strong-arm rob his homie for clout.  

The same “cat” now giving audience’s and listener’s sacred cryptic knowledge”? 

Paradoxically, not that I’m, by any means seeking a comparative study, decided originally, “Negro History Week.”  Woodsons credentials qualified him for “inside” status.  However, racism, injustice and marginalization kept him “outside” of stewardship history. 

Paradoxically, Black History, is a subspecialty, within American movements because few, if any, historians acknowledged key roles of African-American Black-People throughout U.S. and World history.   So the common tie between UK DRILL RAPPERS AND AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY IS SYSTEMATIC MARGINALIZATION.  AND NOT CULTURAL ASSIMILATION. 

UK DRILL RAPPERS AND AFRICAN- AMERICAN SCHOLARS professional or street credentials qualified them for “inside” status.  However, racism, injustice and marginalization kept them both “outside” of stewardship history.

Stormzy’s 2015 song “Shut Up” was initially released as a freestyle on YouTube. Stormzys debut album, Gang Signs & Prayer (2017) was the first grime album to reach number one on the UK Albums Chart. Could the case be made, “That NOW people in the U.K. are beginning to seek insight; and at the same time; recognize the creative innovation of UK DRILL RAPPERS in the United Kingdom– without panic?

“Already-raided” – American “U.K. Drill Bunker’s;” Call to question the allure of the genre. ENTANGLED IN THE STREETS… NOT a question!  

LD – who wears a mask – had originally been known as Scribz, but changed his name in 2014  after he was issued an ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order) by police that banned him from making and performing music for two years.  

LD and his roadies, Monkey, Dimzy, Liquez, ASAP and SJ, released as 67 beginning in the mid 2010s with producer Cairns Hill on “Take It There”, the collective’s breakthrough street anthem from 2015.

67 frontman; The self-proclaimed “Godfather” of UK drill described his record “Who’s Watching” and Giggs released  “Let’s Lurk” back in 2016, as the last chapter in the story of LD vs. the Police. 67 wanted to be inmkn knowing all of the project artists.

LD describes being locked up as a “whole conspiracy” surrounding 67 and all of their friends.  

In 2017, a year after the ASBO ended, LD was sentenced to six-months for possession of a knife.

In December 2019, LD was sentenced to 4 1\2 years for distribution of heroin and crack cocaine, charges stemming from early 2018. 

LD maintains his innocence.  LD in interviews still mentions his tours with Skepta and the song features with Dizzee Rascal.  Get your ego up, help build the culture. The current trend of drill rappers referring to themselves as superhero-type characters.  Focusing on the content.

Headie One is a member of the UK DRILL RAP group “OFB” featuring rapper RV with songs like “Know Better.” Headie One is also a pioneer of UK DRILL RAP.  Headie engineered tracks with “18hunna” featuring rapper Dave, “Only You Freestyle” featuring rapper Drake, on the “Ain’t It Different” track.

As to the certainty of the U.K. DRILL RAP’S violent subversive origin in Chicago during the 2010s… NOT a question!  When asked about the direction of the U.K. DRILL RAP scene.

LD says, “The addition of these personalities and characters has added an element of friendly sportsmanship that maybe wasn’t there so much a few years ago.”  

The U.K. DRILL movement catapulted by rappers like Loski whose coined “Wave or Club Drill” is not being carried over Chicago Drill x type Beats. Songs like “Cool Kid” produced by IO, have shifted the drill vibe. 

Loski says, “Forest Gump” was written while in jail.  “Hazards 2.0” in 2016; followed by his debut mixtape, “Call Me Loose,” in 2018 and Music, “Trial & Trauma: A Drill Story,” his debut album, in 2020. In 2021, Loski released his debut EP, “Censored” with street influences.

Is the valuative rationalized scope of “U.K. Drill Raps Aim Progressive” action, participation growth & development for underground culture movements? 

8 years later, I’m not too sure. “I’ve been playing that chess game for eight years and I’m going for a checkmate now.” – LD, says

Despite going to war with the factions “creating exploitative marginalization and cultural stigmatization.”  Digga D was sent to prison three times before the age of 20.  Digga D has a BBC documentary about his own battles with the police and injustice. 

Digga D through his music  delves into racism; excessive policing, censorship and targeting of young people as a common reality.  

Digga’s recently released songs “Chief Rhys Freestyle” and “Main Road” explain emotionally-charged youth attitudes against patterns of exculpatory victimization.  

Black men expressing their realities through art are fed up with intolerance.  Enter the New UK Drill Wave Vibe. To be continued.  

If U.K. DRILL RAPPERS are looking for commons within centuries old enslavement disenfranchisement, New York, is indeed one of the best United States cities to seek assimilation.  

Major 2016 Events redefine UK politics in a sense resonating with NYC audience’s and Music consumer’s. 

  • The ordination of the UK’s first female bishop, Libby Lane, who was consecrated as the eighth Bishop of Stockport.  
  • Jeremy Clarkson was suspended by the BBC after he attacked producer Oisin Tymon over a steak sandwich.  A petition to the BBC calling for his reinstatement was signed by a million people, but his contract was not renewed – but he was snapped up by Amazon.
  • The Hatton Garden heist gripped the nation, when a gang carried out what is thought to be the largest burglary in English legal history.  Four elderly men have admitted their role in taking an estimated £200million worth of jewels by drilling a hole in the wall of the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company in Holborn.
  • The birth of Princess Charlotte, who is fourth in line to the throne, at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.
  • The UK went to the polls in the first general election in five years, and returned Prime Minister David Cameron for a second term – this time with an outright Conservative majority.
  • The best of London bystanders lifted a double-decker bus off a trapped unicyclist in Walthamstow.  The man lived and praised the heroic Londoners who helped to free him.
  • Alton Towers also hit the headlines when the Smiler rollercoaster crashed seriously injuring five people.
  • The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a vote of 51.9% to 48.1%, in a record voting turnout of 72%. England and Wales vote to leave, while London, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar back remain.

Nationally, protests against police brutality and the unjust murders of Black and brown people are a regular occurrence. The plight of the “dark minority.” Also too, by appearances alone –short listed are notable African American Victimizations including:

George Floyd, Ma’Khia Bryant, Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, Tony McDade, Robert Fuller, Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells, Maurice Gordon, Riah Milton, Malcolm Harsch, Elijah McClain, Rayshard Brooks, Oluwatoyin Salau, Kevin Peterson Jr., and Walter Wallace Jr. 

Millions of African Americans have “called to take action toward dismantling both overtly and subtly subversive norms and policies entrenched in the souls of a man’s life.”

@Digga D “Chief Rhys Freestyle” _x 15🔥

Noughty by Nature Mixtape 2022

Load Up 

2022 U.K. DRILL RAPS Digga D w/ American collaborators transcending the UK Drill Rap sound:  

✔digga d x Stillbrickin 🌅🌅- Pump 101

🔱digga d x MoneyBagg Yo’ 🛵- G lock

📛digga d  x Hot boi🛹 – Rambo

‼️digga d  x B Love🚦 – What You Reckon?.

LONG LIVE #Wicked Skengman @stormzy FIREBABE🎧

💯 @fruitypopz Headie1_X sna…pz🔥Z-Dis Strain? 

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