It’z Time fa’ da’ Cook Up!!

Atl Battle Rapper “Chef Trez”
Cal Battle Rapper “The Real Name Brandon”

Da” Cook Up!!!

From Cali…“It’z time fa Da” Cook Up The Real Name Brandon

I don’t know which ones of y’all saw the Riot Network Battle Rap, but it was H.O.T.  These boys they live on the Streets fa real fa real. An if you ain’t got your hand on the brackey … you bought.  I feel like these Boyz  aint holden’ NO BARZ. None.  BUT, LET’S JUST DO A LITTLE CAP CHECKIN’???

Okay off the rip.. the Battleground theater stage happens in a steel prefab building / elementary school / 4-H club for kids. So you know it was Serious. The background  intro drop & first thing off the top…Chef Trez flamez The Real Name Brandon…  wit this verse: Pray the bullets only graze a nickname | Stay n a “B” lane | You’re not a Shoota | You an errand boy. 

So the audience Of course goes Bonkerz.  And that’s when you can see The Real Name Brandon start drippin’ sweat ‘Off His Neck. @Da Cook Up–these dudes is not tax. Look at dey eyes… you see fury!!  

To me this was about how hate smells.  Wasn’t no family lost… None! Let them tell it! << The real name Brandon >> Yo, your breath stinks, Chef, that’s why I’m “batz guano.” This Riot Network Battle Rap ‘ Jon… was lit!! Off top, I couldn’t call it??

 THE REAL NAME BRANDON |Chef Trez, You caught this 50 | Cuz dats what imma cook yo TEAM UP ON ‘”B.” |DON’T SLEEP THOUGH… You got a comedy parody? | That ain’t rent tho…  


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