Opioid abuse & poverty is not fate

OPIOID ABUSE AND POVERTY IS NOT FATE. OPIOID ABUSE ADDICTION IS ONE OF THE GREATEST THREATS TO THE SECURITY OF AMERICA. Every day, more than 136 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids. The misuse of and abuse of opioids—including prescription pain relievers.

One night I dreamed I saw a homeless person

The homeless-to-permanent housing placement process must be transparent and individual tenants or groups of residents violating “contractual-operational standards” of the Housing Solutions Program protocol, must be immediately removed from leadership. Providing for the opposite of ending homelessness is not going to result in Housing Solutions success.

Addressing minority-human rights concerns with insight

Let’s take a look at minority interests, minority voices and minority opinions about: POVERTY, EQUALITY PANDEMICS, PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY AND PROTESTS. And why are these opposite minority interests, voices and opinions muted in times of crisis?

Child safety pedestrian training

Transportation dangers are minimized or skewed, because of a child's lack of real-life experience and cognitive behavioral development.

Foundation Capstone

I truly believe 2023 PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN) will productively witness our "online community success-to-purpose" medium.  Milling-over 5 years of careful consideration, mark 2023, as the year of a unified "One World-Vision." A "World Changing" organization like PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN), embraces the expressive caveat, of societal morae. Much, Much, more than "A Way to … Continue reading Foundation Capstone

My Dad

From the first day I can remember seeing him until today... "I see him ☺ happy"

My Dad, Lucious Hiriams independent publisher and life coach

"Acknowledgment, patience, and openness develops life-long relationships."


“An Aware Pedestrian, is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging crosswalk education health conscious community, and whose actions contribute to developing this community’s constitution; government and economy through participation and practice.” -Terence Morris, Author & Founder, PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION.  2018

CREATIVE INNOVATION: Pedestrian-Specific Issues

Marginalized Neighborhoods residents also have a greater need for walkable neighborhoods and non-motorized transportation.