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The WordPress project uses Slack as its main real-time communication platform, replacing all previous communication platforms such as IRC and Skype. When compiling a list of things people liked about our previous communication methods, it was obvious that Slack was all of that and more, including:

  • Open for everyone
  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy asynchronous conversation
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Powerful customization abilities
  • Excellent search

WordPress has historically used IRC on Freenode for its real-time communication, and the #wordpress support IRC channel will continue on. Slack communication is used for contributing to the WordPress project, be it code, design, documentation, etc.

jetpack-logo-1080x650Jetpack Artificial Intelligence Module

Jetpack dipped its foot into the world of artificial intelligence by integrating the After The Deadline contextual spell checker in 2013. After The Deadline uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to find writing errors and offer smart suggestions.

The intelligent spell checker can be found in the Spelling and Grammar feature of the Jetpack plugin and it doesn’t only check spelling but also detects misused words, checks styles by using context and thousands of rules, finds cliches and bias-language, and even explain your errors. You can tell the type of the error by its colour. Misused words and spelling errors are marked in red, grammar mistakes in green, and style suggestions in blue.

Responsible Data Management in a Object Learner Environment


As of WordPress 2.7, WordPress has included a new HTTP API, This simplifies the various splatterings of code used previously, everythings wrapped up together and it means that hopefully, all of WordPress’s External HTTP bugs can be located in one easy to find place..

This module Allows you to view which transports are used for what purposes (GET/POST requests), Allows you to test the transport (It requests a file hosted on my web server, and checks the response is correct), And if a module is found to not work as expected, Allows you to disable a transport. For further review click this


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