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The Humanity of Giving. Terence Morris. Author & Founder, PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION.


Fellow Associates,
Today, I am announcing the declaration of “Our Unified World-One Vision 2020.”
After 5 years of careful consideration, I have also decided this world changing organization embraces expressive caveat of societal morale and should be at the front of everyone’s thoughts and at the center of everyone’s commitments. Currently our organization, PACETULSA AGS FOUNDATION, is critically under-financed. Our mission is to maintain an accredited online think-tank, intersecting awareness of public transportation policy in the United States. We are hosting a fundraiser and are expecting to raise $$10, 000.00 by March 1, 2019. With your HELP! PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION, can sustain a Public Safety Campaign planner to stimulate awareness in Public Transportation Policy through specificity surveys, pedestrian and driver education media. In collaboration with local and national pedestrian advocacy groups the 10, 000.00 will be used to maintain an online Public Safety Resource Center for over 900,000 listeners. If you choose to HELP! Please send donations to:

Although, I believe PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION will serve the online community well in its’ public transportation policy purpose, today, I am encouraging each of you to take part in the “Aware Pedestrian Movement.”


Tulsa, OK local fundraising campaigns all have one common interest. That common interest is an equitable “One-Voice in Transportation. Without financing fundraising events and local campaigns can’t function as charitable causes because they have difficulty establishing their rightful place as U.S .Charity Networks.

“It is only in togetherness, where all of us find our ONE VOICE in Transportation.” –Terence Morris, founder PACE TULSA FOUNDATION

We have to support one another and those causes that are making a positive impact in our communities. It is more evident each day our PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALK CULTURE is evolving culture. PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION is one of those online resource center organizations that is making this intellectual stimulus accessible.

These fundraising campaigns’ seek…

Re-enfranchisement in the communities that have faithfully served them.

  • These fundraising campaigns’ seek to regain their “One-Voice in Transportation.”

  • These fundraising campaigns’ seek to “Rise Up,” out-of-of critical under-financing.

One Vision 2020, “To Develop Core Ideological Goals that ‘Impact Peoples’ Lives’ in an Objective Way leading to Firm Commitments; Employable Decisions, and Creative Solutions for Our World.”

My colleague, My Friend maybe you or someone you know or even read about has become the victim of a Pedestrian Crosswalk accident.

According to The Tulsa World May 2, 2018, “While national rates of pedestrian deaths were steady, Tulsa, OK police are baffled by 20 percent uptick…and at least 18 fatalities in 2017.”

“In times of tragedy often we are expected to lay all of our troubles aside and focus on the road to recovery ahead.”- Terence Morris, founder PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION, 2017. Although peace eventually comes over our voice of fear. Accidents are accidents, and it is likely most accidents are victim-less crimes. However, in Oklahoma, legal action involving victim-less crimes remains deeply entrenched among law enforcement, prosecutors and lawmakers. (James Wirth, Attorney at Law. Wirth Law Group P.C) Loss, grief, anxiety and pain are the associative emotions that inhibit our will to move forward. More insight of the events which traumatized us becomes clearer in our rest. Surviving the car crash means the chain of death has been broken. Tulsa Police Sergeant Stephen Boyes noted, “There’s really no rhyme or reason to it. There has never been such a high number of pedestrian fatalities.”

Pedestrian Crosswalk Intersection accidents are not victim-less crimes. While recovering alone, after my own pedestrian crosswalk intersection injury, my thoughts were filled with anger and confusion. My limbs were stiff and my body ached for 15-17 hours a day. With exercise and practice while in rehabilitation, I began to harness the power of regenerative life.’ Worry doesn’t fix anything. I had to overcome the ‘spirit of sorrow.’ Soon a ‘spirit of revolution took control of my emotions. I no longer felt loss. I had an epiphany joined into my best expectations… and that’s…when “Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education” (PACE TULSA) became my new walk within the miraculous. My health improved and my sense of self-worth changed. My crosswalk intersection stigmatization resided and I started to talk to other people that had also experiences pedestrian crosswalk intersection accidents. Today, I have an occasional joint or back pain, but nothing like during my recovery

I whole-hardheartedly believe the opportunities of mercy that abounds us are created within the ‘spirit of benevolence.’ It is for all of these reasons I reach out to you again today in kindness for support.

By March 1, 2019, PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION would like to have a substantial operating budget that is realistic.

We have set our goal for $10,000.00! The $10,000.00 would be spent to fully manage and create the elements of the Pedestrian Safety Campaign Planner that is in-line with the goals of the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Council.

The $10,000.00 would be spent to fully manage and create the elements of the Pedestrian Safety Campaign Planner to include:

PACE TULSA FOUNDATION: Pedestrian-Safety-Starts-With-Me FUNDRAISING Campaign which moves us all closer to a unified world vision for 2020.

Our Campaign Goal of $10,000.00 by March 1, 2020 is attainable


The $10K will be used to spearhead our Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education safety campaign planner.


The elements of the Pedestrian Safety Campaign Planner include:

Grant Guarantee

Medium & Content

  • (1) Pedestrian Safety Campaign Step-by Step Guide [this document]
    Approximately 100 pages, including images of the print PSAs, posters and cinema slides
  • (1) Beta video (broadcast quality – for TV stations)
    (4) TV PSAs
  • (1) Pocket folder
    (1) sample press release
    (1) set of guidelines
    (2) brochures
  • (5) Posters
    Based upon print PSAs
    (2) 24″ x 36″
    (3) 11″ x 17″
  • (1) Audio CD
    (6) 30-second radio PSAs
  • (2) Data CDs
    Electronic files including:
  • Data CD1
  • (15) print ads in a variety of sizes
  • (5) posters
  • (2) brochures
  • (8) cinema slides
  • Images/icons for promotional products/items
  • FHWA logo (positive and reversed)
  • Fonts
  • Data CD2
  • (4) TV PSAs as a QuickTime/RealPlayer file
  • (6) Press releases
  • (15) Newspaper articles with artwork

Administrative Expenses
Office Rental
Office Space and Furniture
Office Supplies and Equipment
Parcel & Cargo Deliveries
Additional Staff :
A private foundation may qualify for treatment as a private operating foundation. They are subject to the tax on net investment income and to the other requirements and restrictions. Operating foundations are not subject to the excise tax on failure to distribute income. Contributions to private foundations described in Internal Revenue Code section 4942(j)(3) are deductible by the donors to the extent of 50 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income, whereas contributions to all other private foundations (except those discussed under Private Pass-through Foundation ) are limited to 30 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income. In addition, a private operating foundation may receive qualifying distributions from a private foundation if the private foundation does not control it.

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