Make Sure Driver's Can See You
Make Sure Driver’s Can See You



By Terence Morris.  May 2, 2018.  7:51 P.M.


To test the validity of this definition of “An Aware Pedestrian,” one must examine its’ basic preconception’s:

A)  This “Think-Tank,” is an Emerging Online World Community with which people can identify; and


B)  In Communal Modular-ism their exists a nascent set of values definable by Self-constitution; Self-governance; and Self-economy. These nascent values help to shape form characteristic cognition.  Areas of our brain are conditioned to behave according to training. 

November 25th. #16Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.  Become an “Aware Pedestrian.” Share experiences, Supporting “OTHERS,” affected, and “Chit-Chat,” intolerance against slander and disrespectful behaviors.

Self-Constitution, a philosophical book by Christine Korsgaard, in which the author sets out to demonstrate how people determine their own actions.

Stop harassment
2018 DIVERSITY CONFERENCE: “STOP WORKPLACE DISCRIMINATION: Racism; Sexual harassment & Wage retaliation.”

Self-Governance, a public policy analysis by Paul D. Miller that teaches, at root, a culture of public responsibility among a citizenry; that is, a widely accepted norm that citizens can and should take a role in public decision-making.  People must believe that they have the right, duty, and ability to govern themselves.  If they stop believing these things, self-government is effectively dead even if the rituals are still observed.


Self-Economy, by Keith J. Varadi, “The internet and it’s participants are the subjects of mimetic labels and mixed signals. People pass around hokey descriptors of broad and often boring fads.  Objectives have become far more short-term; and critical discourse has all but disappeared.”

Goal-to-Purpose environments

The Goal-to-Purpose environment “guides social-uplift and human preservation activities in ways that have always formed, prerequisite obligations, in online communities throughout the world. Shared traits in modularity aid in shape-form polarization’s particularly assailant in human identities.  These identity traits help define appropriate economic; political; religious; or social norms for group members in almost all global communities.”


Unilateral existentialist homogeneity

Defines how individual peoples’ lives provoke and stimulate thought. Usually “thought –movements” encourage building governance. Acknowledging protocol and rules, leads user sensitive information; financial records; conversation types; acceptable languages; permission levels; role and body designations, which are all programmatic experiences that never get considered by the participant.  Information technology students and professionals design measurement tools and which store this critical information in encrypted databases and files.

Engagement in think-tanks

When volunteering to become a part of a forum; chat room; organizational; community; or company… how we engage is just as important as practicing “the engagement.”  Acceptance and agreement is usually required. To enter a genomic collection environment demographic determinations made through application interactions; search history; and “habit gauging software applications over a series of clicks; periods in days; weeks; months or year “track” user traits and established “use- profiles” that will accurately allow content and marketing curation.

Participation in intellectual forums helps to establish and cultivate a community voice with independent preparation; creative thoughts; and technical support. 

To ignite progress within progressive “media caveat instruments” influences host matriculation and simultaneously affects the direction of content curation within the marketing process.

The value gained from opinions is found within unique dialogue critique. Once polled about subject matters important to women, most felt in this order that: the economy at 17%, social security at 15%, health care at 14%, terrorism at 12%, the environment at 8%, education at 8%, immigration at 6%, and abortion at 5% were the challenges facing them in 2018.

Structured Voice-to forum environments

Core “belief sets.” An evaluative logic model in classic if-then dialectic briefly defines for the user participant an understandable “speak-thought” format.  Today, certain assurance-level communication relationships exist to provide concise communicable logic.  Enhanced participation, is much more difficult, without knowing the traits of the “user-participant” platform within “click-bank platforms.”  To establish trust within “the global think-tank forum” users expect some type of universal accord.  A “Horn-treatise” if you will.  This symbolic preparation should also be defined in rules for mediation and resolution of questions and content inconsistencies.

The Think-Tank Theater Classic “speak and respond” conversation style

Classic “speak and respond” conversation style, is a” low-level” communication tool, which continues to be useful in “static” or” soft communication structured environments.  People that really don’t want or expect “a whole-lot” of interaction from their participation in online forums, rarely acknowledge or even understand the depth of discovery being harnessed from these oblique representations of Rights of Speech forums.  Therefore, great care must be exercised to protect these individuals from undo privacy intrusions or cybernetic obstructions.  Gross violations of Rights of Speech and privacy Intrusions should always be at the front of any Think-Tank design. 

People that want 100% immersion in all of the communities they join will become quickly impressed with the speed of user-to-learner transitions in PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION modular theoretical applications.


PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION and the “power of change”

PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION evokes the “power of change” in AGS Participants the moment the “user –participant” hyperlinks into our URL website portal: It is in this moment where “user-participants” begin to imagine a reinforced pedestrian awareness crosswalk education identity. It is also in this moment the interstate transportation in “Voice, Body, Mind and Spirit” interconnecting within our humanity to bridge the ideas that are fostered in Modular-Virtual environments.


“PACE TULSA FOUNDATION, improves peoples’ ability to connect technologically; especially, in developing nations.”


Worldwide trends

Giving Back to your community can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

© 2018| PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION “Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education is an online think-tank intersecting awareness of public transportation policy in the United States.”googlee22fd21398b39eb5.html

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