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This PACE TULSA NETWORK PODCAST segment is about providing feedback and oversight when we see things aren’t going well. Building trust when our viewpoints clash. And seeking knowledge as help comes from a place of understanding.  ARTICLE 1, SECTION 9 OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION reads, No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in consequence of Appropriations made by law. Even though the Senate Appropriations Committee interests its’ body fundamentally with American People in mind, often when voting to approve bills and supporting legislature, lawmakers don’t fully realize where the money ends up to support extremist organizations and extremist activities in America’s urban cities.

 This PACE TULSA NETWORK PODCAST sheds some light on corps extremist indoctrination; covert counter-cultural manifestations. And why often instrumental control and management has no key oversight or monitoring mechanism for African-American Black-Peoples communities where human rights should also be inherent to all humans, regardless of their nationality, race, gender, religion, language, or sexual orientation.

The concept of human rights is not new. In 1948, the newly-formed United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The necessity of human rights for all became evident when International law, national constitutions, and other conventions began to support and expand on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What kinds of human rights exist? Economic, social, cultural, civil, and political. Economic, social, and cultural rights include the right to work, the right to food and water, the right to housing, and the right to education.

Advancing civil progress in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s community is not possible while domestic terrorists, murderers, killers, and systemized prolific hate cells freely conduct urban warfare on African-American Black-Peoples communities. Current-day human rights comes from, Natural rights. Natural rights are a very old philosophical concept. Related to natural law, natural rights refer to rights that are universal and inalienable. They are not related to any government or culture. By being human, a person is entitled to their natural rights. That’s where we get the concept of universal human rights.

Another example of human rights categorization is the distinction between positive rights and negative rights.

The state must provide access to positive rights, like food, housing, education, and healthcare.

Negative rights refers to the freedom from certain things, like slavery, torture, and suppression. It’s the state’s role to ensure these violations do not occur. 

Documents like the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, which was established in 1976, protect these rights.

Specific examples in this category include:

The right to work in a safe environment for a fair wage. The right to access medical care, including mental health care. The right to accessible education. The right to adequate food, clothing, and housing. The right to affordable sanitation and clean water. The right to take part in cultural life. The right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress. The right to social security.

One of PACE TULSA NETWORK’S National Campaigns:  PACE TULSA NETWORK ONE VISION seeks to “To develop core ideological goals that impact our lives in objective ways, leading to firm commitments, employable decisions and creative solutions for our world.

Subjective content includes news media that’s valuable because, it expands the way our mind explains what it’s feeling to other’s and ourselves. Objective content relates to data points, as well as. statistical facts. Reading articles from local newspapers, using notes to re- establish limited rational boundaries based on the contextual information.

Neo-con socialist rhetoric from a marxist textbook is what I imagined while reading an article from Black Wall Street Times. However, the story was about African-American Black-Peoples freedoms, communities and personal perspectives. It read beautifully into thematic socialist catharsis. The Black Wall Street Times article was written after the killing of George Floyd. George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was murdered near the intersection of East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Derek Chauvin, a 44-year-old white police officer with the Minneapolis Police Department. The Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd by standing on his kneck with his knee while he was suffocating you hear George Floyd coarsely screaming, I can’t breathe. 

This tragic set of Events, inspired the nation’s  largest social uprising since the Civil Rights Movement.  The civil rights movement was a struggle for justice and equality for African Americans that took place mainly in the 1950s and 1960s. One of the greatest achievements of the civil rights movement, the Civil Rights Act, led to greater social and economic mobility for African-Americans across the nation and banned racial discrimination, providing greater access to resources for women, religious minorities, African-Americans and low-income families.

The Black Wall Street Times newspaper headline reads RADICAL RECONSTRUCTION IN AMERICA’S RACIAL THINKING IS NEEDED TO SAVE THE NATION by  Tyrance Billingsley. The Black Wall Street Times Published: July 5, 2020 Last Updated on January 12, 2021.  Tyrance Billingsley, is a contributing writer of The Black Wall Street Times. He writes, Whether it takes the form of slavery, the killing of an unarmed Black man, mass incarceration, economic disempowerment or merely day to day forms of tone-deaf social interactions, racism is woven throughout the sociopolitical landscape of America. Our refusal to truly face it as a society has led to this nationwide, and even global, catharsis that feels like chaos.


1. A deep distrust of law enforcement agencies and politicians who support effects racism in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 2. Instrumental viewpoints of International or Foreign Legislative Partnerships in Tulsa, Oklahoma potentially expanding resources given to sabotage agents used only for killing Black Americans 3.  Authoritarian implementation, narrow and wide identifies Black-American interests as all-embracing and fair-game for mimickry and expulsion. 4. PUNDITS OF EXTREMIST CAUSES saying, Black American patriot Interests are for an Evil America that wants them killed violently. 5. Black Americans can and should exert unchecked violent destructive power unilaterally, universally to preserve their position, protect their interests, promote their ideals and to save their lives.

SURVEY OBSERVATIONS revealed:  Transportation and Housing Equity, as it affects Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education (PACE TULSA NETWORK) is a  non-sequitur literary medium when state actors attack African-American BLACK PEOPLE lives and minimize process, organized travel, and enforceable transportation procedures with malicious intent.

Educated African-American scholars address manifested climates of prejudice and racism. To view an African-American Ideology as rash, non-intellectual, and  psychotic because of resistance to domestic violent climates must be found in merit.

Two action steps must occur immediately.  1.  Addressing change agents accepting tolerance of bigotry publicly.  2. The shaming of advocacy groups committed to collective consciousness.

African-American cultural identity as the solution to practicing self-constitution is a “band-aid ethnology.” Reflecting African-American pathos as a radical rationale  supremely has alternately justified deception and thereby fairness.

Propositions of fairness remain valid despite efforts by African-American Black-Leadership to quell dissension and grants of power leading to excessive violence, within and outside, of  law enforcement agencies.

PROPOSITION ONE:  At this point the treatise “Black People” have with “power Borg’s” contributing to corruption is epistemically bankrupt.”

PROPOSITION TWO:   Equity is not realized whenever militancy variates propose strategic steps positioning ideological superiority.

Minimal acknowledged auspices of Workplace Discrimination: Racism, Sexism & Wage Retaliation is not enough of a policy position to mitigate the struggles beyond subtle mixed-class economies. Dialogue and knowledge banks must be created, maintained and delivered to all people interested in freedom. Written procedures and enforcement policies must also be implemented to punish those who resist and continue to violate African-American Black-Peoples freedoms.

All of this sounds alarming, but The 2021 Tulsa, Oklahoma Equality Indicators Report and the State of Compromised Black Families in Tulsa, Oklahoma Reports have been recorded and discussed. Today, African-American Black Citizens are negatively affected by economic, social, racial, religious, spiritual and political climates in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


1.  Malicious intent.
2.  Collective consciousness
3.  Epistemic bankruptcy
4.  Workplace Discrimination

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its two Optional Protocols outline rights and gives examples of when those rights are violated: Such as,
The right to life, which is violated by actions like death by torture, neglect, and use of force. The right to freedom of expression, which is violated by restricting access to ideas and limiting press freedom. The right to privacy, which is violated by intruding on a person’s sexual life or personal data. The right to asylum, which is violated by deporting someone to a country where their lives are at risk. The right to a fair trial and due process, which is violated by a court that’s not impartial and has excessive delays. The right to freedom of religion, which is violated when someone is punished for following their beliefs or forced to adopt another religion. The right to freedom from discrimination, which is violated when traits like race, gender, religion, are used as justification for actions like being fired from a job.

Reearching human rights important in order to promote human rights. You first need to understand the importance of human rights. That groundwork comes from the International Bill of Rights, which consists of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, two international covenants, and two optional protocols. As of 2020, the Covenant (which is legally binding) has 171 parties. Four countries, including the United States, have signed but ratified the covenant. It includes rights such as:

The right to self-determination. Worker rights, such as the right to fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions, and equal promotion opportunities. The right to strike and form trade unions. The right to social security. The right to free primary education and equally accessible higher education

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights covers rights like: Every human has the right to life. No human should be subjected to torture, cruel treatment, or degrading punishment. No one should be enslaved. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, religion, and conscience. Everyone is equal before the law. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights entered into force in 1976. As of 2021, 173 countries have ratified the treaty. There are six countries (including China) that signed but haven’t ratified the document. The United States signed the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in 1977 and finally ratified it in 1992.

Let’s keep the conversation going. This article is not intended to assume the entire scope of Advancing civil progress in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In one instance, Senator Susan Collins, Republican from Maine, Chairman of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies or Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Subcommittee notes, “Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bills will support job creation and economic development.  Critical improvements to our infrastructure, provide housing assistance for low-income seniors and other vulnerable populations. As well as, enhanced oversight of the Federal Aviation Administration safety and aircraft certification programs.” Senator Collins said in a statement, “Programs that support our communities, including HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Community Development Block Grant Programs, Neighbor Works and the Rural Capacity Building Program continue support for a development partnership critical to investments in decent and affordable housing, particularly housing for low- and very low-income Americans.


1.  Addressing change agents accepting tolerance publicly. 2.  Shame advocacy groups committed to collective consciousness. 3. To promote human rights, you need to understand the importance of human rights.  4.  Donating money is one of the best ways to promote human rights. Money allows organizations to continue their work whether it’s providing aid to people in crisis, pressuring governments to take action on human rights, or creating programs that empower the disenfranchised. 5. Consider the human rights impact of your shopping habits. Do the stores and corporations you buy from exploit African-American workers? Do they pay a fair wage? Where do they purchase their materials? 6.  Look for  groups doing human rights work in your area or join online communities that connect you to global movements.  7.  Promote human rights by voting whenever you can. 8.  promote human rights by contacting government officials and urging them to take action on certain issues.  9.  Peaceful protest is one of the most powerful ways to support human rights.  10.  You can promote human rights in your daily life by doing something when you witness things like racism or sexism. Talk to the person who was the target of the discrimination before taking any action. They might have specific ideas about how you can support them. 11.  Advocate for things like equal pay for equal work, education access, free childcare, clean water and sanitation, and more.  12.  Women and children are two of the most vulnerable groups in the world. Even in wealthy countries like the United States, there are wide disparities and few resources for mothers and parents in need of help. You can promote and protect their rights. 



This segment is about Welcoming New Managers. And Adresses Making Important Strategic and Operational Decisions Quickly. This is A PACE TULSA NETWORK Podcast.

An excellent franchise concept, a state of the art menu product, or a breakthrough in technology can put your organization on the cusp of competitive applicability, but only concrete execution of task oriented skills can keep you there.

What am I referring to? Possibly, one of the greatest management opportunities I’ve had in the food service restaurant industry in almost over a decade. The company I am referring to is Cotti Foods Wendy’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Great managers must be able to deliver intent to consider successful execution by remaining open to Changes in Management Leadership. So, when my boss called me to the table to discuss furthering my career with Cotti Foods Wendy’s, I could not say, NO.

A great majority of restaurant managers that I’ve met throughout my career are not very good at task oriented management skills, by their own admission. In fact, franchise and organizational concepts like Cotti Foods Wendy’s. face constant pressure to build a strong, actual and well maintained leadership pipeline. However, like most strategic planning projects within management groups, it’s easier said than done.

Where is an example Strategic and Operational Decision-Making in your restaurant?

There are four fundamental building blocks restaurant managers can use to influence strategic operational decisions which translate into immediate action.

The first is Clarifying decision rights.

It is necessary to decide amongst management teams: Who is accountable for what actions?

Clarifying decision rights means deciding which managers are responsible for specific decisions. If managers can start to make proper connections between performance; rewards; and decision-rights during every shift, monitoring restaurant operations will only serve to uniquely position them to succeed. Holding each shift decision-maker responsible for his or her leadership decisions is imperative.

We’ve all heard of the term micro-managing. Micro-managing as a project management style in 40% of all managers surveyed in the Tulsa, OK, including Cotti Foods Wendy’s revealed the following initial management short-falls:


Coming up short in accountability.

Justifying variable shortages.

Reporting upward and blaming.

Questioning tactical decisions of direct reports.

The second fundamental building block restaurant managers can use to influence strategic operational decisions which translate into immediate action is Designed information flows.

Where does the customer need to make and purchase an order? And Why are sales receipts so important in the Designed Information Flow?

The customer posts at the point of sale, Online shopping cart, Food Delivery Service like Uber Eats, or in the Drive-thru and pays by cash or credit for the order.

The order comes to the worker or sales department or point of sale. The customer’s order details are then entered into a database which can only be accessed by the restaurant, customer, or the delivery service.

The customer’s order(s) are prepared and packaged and stored while waiting for the delivery dispatch to pick up at the front counter or through the pick up window. A receipt is then attached to the order for delivery. Or given to the customer upon payment at the counter. On delivery, the customer receives the goods and receipt. For order accuracy and to ensure the food has been prepared according to customer specifications.

The third fundamental building block restaurant managers can use to influence strategic operational decisions which translate into immediate action is called Aligning motivators.

How do you keep your team moving in the right direction?

Consider crafting a purpose or why statement with your team. A crafted purpose helps restaurant managers align goals. For example, refund policies and menu order remakes must always be handled the same way. This prevents mistakes. Sincerely act in your team’s best interest. Tell team members what the reward will be for certain positive development along with positive training activities. Explain why growing with your guidance is helpful and is the right thing to do. Tell stories that connect all of your team members to one another sharing relatable experiences. Also, try bringing baked goods or gift cards to reward their hardwork.

The fourth undamental building block restaurant managers can use to influence strategic operational decisions which translate into immediate action is Utilizing Organization Structure.

Make Understanding The Employee Handbook An Essential Part of the On boarding process.

Use the company employee handbook as a tool to help protect your staff. The organizational structure of a company forms the basis on which policies guide all employee actions.

Why is Organization Structure Important?

Organization Structure is very important, but remember, moving lines around the shift organization chart is the most obvious solution because the changes are visible and concrete. However, the organization chart is not the only tool available.

Let’s ALL quickly review some leadership skills and tools restaurant managers can employ.

Effective communication:

Organizational structures help in making communication systems in Wendy’s reasonably convenient. Common understood communication in every instance decreases division and mistrust. Shift-huddles and explaining our lead ops game plan to other team members reduces stress and spreads our work tasks amongst all of the team. For example, Great note-taking during planning meetings and throughout the shift.Evaluating employee performance:

Specialization in one of the many areas or all of them is a very important part of measuring individual and unit success. Tools such as product and service surveys and/ or sales per shift or day often helps isolate whatever types of divisions are there in the restaurant. Dining experience interest becomes extremely satisfying for the guests and helps the manager gauge his or her control of shift production. Immediate performance observations For example, prep work, sandwich making, maintenance or other shift managers. Positive feedback and suggestions all help improve performance.

For example, providing attendance incentives and paid time-off.Efficiency benchmarks:

If every employee is doing their job the Wendy’s Way” according to one’s expertise and company policy expert. the level of efficiency also increases on the whole. Set the standard for success by establishing overall satisfaction goals and core area measures to improve product and service delivery. For example, employ marketing tests on products and other services.

Achieving Goals:

Every structure has advantages and disadvantages. Setting aside the disadvantages, one can look forward to the advantages and those are counted in the importance of the organizational structure. For example,. reviewing shift reports and staff development charts daily.

Faster decision making:

The decision making process also becomes fast. Employee independence and everyone doing their part. By this, the whole process goes fast and in a proper manner without any stumbling blocks. As all the tasks are delegated and distributed no one staff member feels overburdened by the organization. As everyone performs each task, the work is also done on time and also the energy is being saved. Problems are discussed in a professional manner; Solutions should be made after seeking advice from all employees who are knowledgeable in their areas.

Clarifying relationships:

All relations within an organization are clarified by establishing the process of authority, accountability and responsibility. Every task is delegated and the work goes in quick succession. The atmosphere within the organization also remains peaceful which helps in further processes during shifts. For example,. meeting with coaches and trainers to establish goals.

No stumbling blocks:

Stumbling blocks are avoided in big organizations because if any of them arise, the steps are taken from the lower level helping to avoid the biggest stumbling blocks. Moreover, every shift will themselves solve issues without spreading the word across every shift. Solutions to a lot of the minor problems found should not contribute to gossip, back biting or violence. The entire environment of the company should not be disturbed by one shift problems. For example, giving away food, eating in the back storage areas and establishing unauthorized perks is a form of theft.

Establish a calm atmosphere:

The environment here at Cotti Foods Wendys should remain comfortable and peaceful as every employee works on his or her own. No fighting, no small attitude. issues and no generational barriers should become obstacles in any one staff member’s work. Your shift should remain calm and the work environment becomes increasingly more and more healthy as efficiency improves. For example, listen to conversations. Ask questions about the atmosphere. Watch employee body movements and own your shift.



SHARE OUR PACE TULSA NETWORK HOPE FUND CAMPAIGN! The online Pedestrian Safety Campaign Fundraiser sponsored by PACE TULSA NETWORK:  PACE TULSA NETWORK HOPE FUND brings us closer to a unified-vision. 


To develop core ideological goals that impact our lives in objective ways, leading to firm commitments, employable decisions, and creative solutions for our world.

Our Campaign Goal of $20,000.00 for January 2022, is achievable.

The PACE TULSA NETWORK ONE-VISION ignites Giving & Practicing allegiance to the ideals of community service and stewardship. Thank You in Advance for sharing our PACE TULSA NETWORK HOPE FUND FUNDRAISER.

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PACE TULSA NETWORK’S Open Access Platform allows a donor or volunteer permission to share time, creativity, advice, and values with other PACE TULSA NETWORK aware pedestrian participants. Instrumental value contribution is important and expected.

If there is an overwhelming desire within you to make a difference, just take a leap of faith.  Courageously believe the time you spend away from your normal calendar is worthwhile.  After all of your expenses are fully met AND you have have extra. WHY NOT GIVE a $20.00 contribution to Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education Campaigns, PACE TULSA NETWORK, supports throughout the United States. JUST CLICK AND GIVE!


Most people in need don’t accept help for the longest time. The most kind-hearted; and selfless Americans, every day, are inflicted by the spirit of pride. Being too proud to accept much needed support is not only destructive, but often the results are tragic.

Ironically, once these Americans in need finally do accept help, all they can think about is how they are going to use the assistance to help someone else one day. It is remarkable how Most human-beings in similar situations, intuitively possess a sense of service. The Spirit of Benevolence is just part of being a human-being.  

Benefactors of The PACE TULSA NETWORK Benefit

Most beneficiaries of the benefit say they want to help make an impact and lift the weight off of their minds. Chatting with neighbors who pass by. Along with the freedom of expression and social connectivity, PACE TULSA NETWORK participants enjoy a sense of peace.  One participant commented, I feel more safe and secure browsing PACE TULSA NETWORK Channels. 

I can tap in and click out of the platform pages easily without some ominous scam agency cloaking my cell phone, tablet or computer, says Bill, an 8 year specificity-survey respondent. 

Jan, A 3rd year PACE TULSA NETWORK subscriber says, if there is ever another event pulling me away from browsing the internet, I can navigate through the platform with no problems. It’s the first time in over a year that I’ve been able to do that.





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