Accident Victim Hope Fund Donations

**Please take 6 minutes of your time to read this donation disclosure. Remember feeling panic and helpess when you locked your keys in your car? Remember feeling fear and desperation? That’s how it feels when an accident victim doesn’t have anyone to turn to for support

As a donor your power is having the ability to “Uplift and empower those experiencing marginalization and injustice in our communities.”


PACE TULSA NETWORK specificity-surveys is the way you can help

Helps all of us understand the importance of:


Critical Steps

As a baby learns to walk… elders and peers step in to create a safe space that is free of clutter and debris. These same teachers understand the importance of mobile development and gait kinematics. A precious life is taking its’ first learned steps on a journey to co-joined independence.

Practice by giving; “Being thoughtful” and “Genuinely interested,” stating “your truth” with in-kind contributions.

“Reaching out,” while extending your hands to the “most imperiled.” 

Drawing with one-hand, alternately writing with the other-hand.

“Volunteering your time” – to – “giving activities;” highlighting participation as expected and essential to personal achievement.

Everyone’s embraced “a giving attitude” as an “intrinsic necessity” of humanness.  

A developed “self-economy” clearly defines “driving factors” leading to “great causes.”

Expecting Success Is Normal

Most contributors find difficulty when deciding “the right-time to give”? 

  • When there is an overwhelming desire within you to make a difference. 
  • When your life is not so busy, you barely have time to stop and think. 
  • When all of your expenses are completely met and you have extra money.  Simply GIVE to a “great cause” like Pedestrian Safety & Education (PTN)

Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion 

“Joy” and “pure-indignation” both are “characteristics of a gracious goal. Seeking to diminish and eliminate hatred while fighting just the same for equity.

What’s your giving spirit measure?

Understanding the difference… Is Key!

  • Empathy means that you feel what a person is feeling. 
  • Sympathy means you can understand what the person is feeling. 
  • Compassion is the willingness to relieve the suffering of another.

Life’s challenges are rewarding. Lasting memories are meaningful and good. “A PACE TULSA NETWORK Hope Fund Donation, could help change the course of a Traffic Accident Victim’s life.”


Dismantling both overt and subtle norms; policies; laws; and procedures entrenched in American life can take different forms.

Often daily events make what’s most meaningful average.  However, our community efforts are challenged when tragedies are minimized by lack of support.

  • PTN donors care about our mission, “helping accident victims,” and want to help PACE TULSA NETWORK reach our fundraising goals. 

Protests, education, meditative-listening, questions and, of course, donating money are just some of the ways to promote social change.  

When contributing patrons can give more, everyone benefits. 

  • PTN supporters can increase their gifts at no additional cost. 
  • PTN participating corporate partners can contribute matching gift programs.

PACE TULSA NETWORK’S, One World Vision is seeking “To develop core ideological goals that impact our lives in objective ways, leading to firm commitments, employable decisions and creative solutions for our world.”


  • 24/7/365 open-access, free online content;  Easy CMS. Exciting news stories and interesting media for everyone. Podcast radio; authorship plus vlogging and guest content is also welcome.
  • PTN helps if you want to donate to help car crash accident injury victims. 
  • PTN helps, if you’re interested in knowing about our crosswalk intersection awareness education online resource.  


  • PTN secure donation platform provides confidential checkout and legitimate credit card receipts for your records. And gives you control of rewarding merit.
  • Our mission is to maintain an accredited online “think-tank,” intersecting awareness of public transportation policy in the United States.

Your spirit of benevolence, “Embraces the expressive caveat of societal morae” and “centered commitments bridge knowledge bankruptcy.”

For more information about how you could be a vital PTN’ ACCIDENT VICTIM HOPE FUND partner please contact us at this email: or call us: (740) 888-5349.